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I'm awesome! (Teutonic Knights!Prussia WIP)

It was pretty hard to decide which version of Prussia I would make first; man, I love all those designs! In the end I decided to begin to make his Teutonic Knights version - it isn't so popular and it's pretty easy to make. I will make at least one of his uniforms in the future though (when I have more money and time, that is).

The challenge #1 was to find some reference pictures of this version.
...guess if there were any?


I decided to take a couple of screenshots of the anime episode in which Prussia appears in this certain outfit it took me an eternity to find out which episode it was.
The quality is quite... Well, hideous, but at least I was able to figure out the parts of this costume!

As you can see the costume is almost completely white, excluding those black cross details. A tunic, trousers and a cape ( + shoes of course) - seems quite easy, doesn't it?

Let's get into business~!

The trousers and the shoes

I didn't really bother to make anything new; my Levi cosplay provided me both of these! Since one can't see the shoes clearly I'll just roll with what I have and those boots are the best option - at least at the moment.
Oh, the Levi costume provides me the belt also, I didn't have to worry about sewing it either! 
I might make new trousers and shoes for Prussia in the future, I don't know yet.

The tunic

You know that feeling when you think that you don't have any of those fabrics which you would need left and then you find a shitload of that fabric?
Happened to me with this costume - I thought that I didn't have much left of the white fabric I wanted to use for this costume but then I found something like two meters of it o__O I'm not complaining, I don't have to use extra money on this now (since that Avalon guy from StarStable Online pretty much ate half of my cosplay budget for this spring)!

This was easy one to make - as you can see from the pictures (it's been such a long time since I've actually taken WIP pictures)! 

I used the patterns of a sleeveless top... 
The tunique without sleeves. I decided to attach the cross to the shirt by zigzagging it.

A close-up of the zigzag. Guess if I really want the new sewing machine and new threads? -__-"
Aaaaand then happened this...

The zigzag killed the needle... :<
Luckily I had more needles left but guess if I cried a bit when I understood that there would be two more crosses left (I attached them to the cape)? Aaagh!

Making the sleeves. They were too wide at first so I had to make a quick decision about how to continue making them and the result is worth a cringe... But hey, it worked!
After the sleeve width problem I just attached the sleeves to the tunic - and here's the final product!

Not ironed in the pic though.

The cape

 For some reason I didn't take any WIP pictures of the cape... x__x Well, I made it in a hurry and didn't have time to think about taking pictures, sorry!
I'm likely to re-make the cape in the future so you'll get the WIP pictures then!

And why am I already considering re-making it?
...let's just say that this is the new episode of "Firith and the random materials" show. This cape is made out of enstex.
Well, it isn't too bad... It'll work for now.

Make-up test~!

Without lenses though... .__. Pic (c) Shiro Samurai.

I will phostoshoot this costume quite soon actually - and I have a lot material to post so stay tuned~!


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