perjantai 11. tammikuuta 2019

Cob photoshoot!

So hello~!

These pictures are very, VERY late since these were taken in NärCon NärCob ehehehee 2017. I have a couple of reasons for that. First, I got accepted into school and during the time I spent on computer I didn't do pretty much anything else than school projects and customized websites for my customers. Second, my old computer pretty much died - I guess all those Adobe programs were too much for its capacity. Third, I didn't want to bother anybody else by asking for editing these pics - or actually, I asked Shiro Samurai once but never sent photos to him since I didn't want to bother him in the end ^^"

But yes, here they are~!

Character: Lord Cob 
Series: Tales from Earthsea
Model, costume & edit: yours truly
Photographer: Shiro Samurai

 So, there they are~!
We also took a couple of pics with an awesome Therru cosplayer but, sadly, they have changed their IG account name or something since I can't find them ;__; That's why those pics won't appear here, I'd like to make sure that it would still be okay to publish them...


What were you thinking, I wouldn't publish the derp pictures? Well, of course I do that! >D

This whole costume was trolling me the whole day so at some point I just had to troll at something too :'D

When you're sure you'll catch Arren...
...but in the end you don't. :(
So, now this post is complete!
I would also thank my photographer for patience - I would've posted these photos earlier had I had the time and equipment to do so. I'm still very pleased with these pictures so thank you! <3

'Til next time~!


tiistai 8. tammikuuta 2019

Wrapping up 2018

So, as the title tells, this is sort of 2018 cosplay year wrap-up. And those, who have been reading my blog, know that I haven't been that active here... And I haven't been active almost at all when it comes to cosplaying.

I had a lot of plans for this year and I dreamt about making a bunch of new costumes. But, as you can see, that didn't happen. There are a few main reasons for this.

  1. I gained a lot of weight. Seriously, A LOT. I'm now on a diet which makes me lose weight and I've already gotten positive results. 
  2. After graduating I hoped to get at least some job. But, sadly, that still hasn't happened. I've tried and tried, but right now it seems like I'll never get a job. On top of that Finnish government has this thing called "pattern for activating unemployed people", in Finnish "aktiivimalli". I live on unemployment benefits (not enjoying it) and every now and then those benefits get smaller. The idea of this thing seems to be to punish people who are unemployed... I know that there are slackers even in Finland, people who don't even apply for any job, but then there are people like me who try hard and still get punished when the employer decides that they don't want to hire that person. I know, this wasn't the most simple explanation but I'm just fuming because of this. What does this have to do with cosplay? Well, no work = no money = no cosplay. At least that was simple.
  3. Losing all con hype. I've been attending cons since 2012 and year by year my enthusiasm has gotten smaller and smaller. Right now it's close to not existing at all. This doesn't mean that I'd be quitting cosplay in the future but it might mean that I wouldn't attend cons except if there was a good reason, for example being a cosplay contestant. I would still make costumes and have photoshoots - I enjoy those more than attending cons nowadays. It just feels like I've pretty much seen it all. 

But what did I actually do this year?

I attended Tampere Kuplii and competed with my Avalon costume. I didn't place but to be honest I wasn't even expecting that I would. I had quite a good time there anyway~ I've already written summary about that, so I'm not going to talk about it that much now.

I hosted Eura's Manga Day III. I'm going to write that summary later, I just haven't had my photoshoot pictures yet. Pretty much my own fault but I haven't had the time to meet with my photographer - we are going to go through the pictures together. Anyway, I closet cosplayed Luka Megurine there, Just Be Friends version. I'm definitely going to write a summary about that event and I don't care that it's three months late, blame also my crashtop which decided that an error for system 32 is a nice thing, thank God I have a new computer now so just wait for it~!

I was supposed to go to Tracon but, surprisingly, ran out of money. We had tickets but in the end decided to sell them - there wouldn't have been a point to go there just for one day in a hellish rush so we just decided to skip it.

But then, the new event at Kaarina's library: Kitsunecon! I noticed somewhere around... February or March that they were looking for cosplay contest judges and I immediately sent an application for that position. And, to my big surprise, I got accepted!

So, in October I left home for Turku and spent a night at Kage's place. Everything went well, except for me being so nervous that I hardly got any sleep the night before con. When it was time to wake up my body was protesting with its every fiber but no can do, I had a job to do! I cosplayed my OC, an elf healer called Rothruindes. I didn't sew the costume myself since I happened to have a medieval times style dress in my closet and I thought that it was good enough. And it was. I know that it sounds quite weird that a cosplay judge uses a costume they haven't sewn by themselves but hey, I truly have gained some weight and thus don't fit probably any of my old costumes nowadays.

The con place was easy to find and quite soon I found the other judges, one of them being jansutti. Almost immediately we were escorted to the small room in which the judging was going to happen, and damn there was hot in there! D: Anyway, we begun our judging - I haven't written that much in two hours after high school and my right wrist was screaming after that. Anyway, it was quite fun to sit there at the other side of the table :D
I didn't do anything else at the con, except for giving the prizes for the winners etc. I didn't feel too well because I was so tired, and as soon as the judging job was over I fled back to Turku and then back home. Short trip but totally worth it! I'm not going to write a more specific summary about that event since, well, I really didn't walk around the con so... Yeah. But I'm definitely going to visit Kitsunecon again~! <3

So... I guess that's it.
Probably my most "empty" wrap-up by far... :/
But this year I truly hope, believe and already can promise that there will be more activity on this blog! And why is that?

Well, I'll be going to host a lecture about Star Stable Online with Merezone at Yukicon, and I've already started to make Alex's costume~! ...also known as knitting her beanie but still.

And I got Chloe for my Rachel so that means a whole lot of emotional pictures~ <3 Chloe will be cosplayed by my best friend and soul sister Gure.

And, well, I plan to do more circle lens reviews when I finally have the money to buy circle lens solution, those bottles aren't actually cheap you know.

But for now I guess this is it.
Stay tuned for future, let's wake this blog from its slumber~!


torstai 27. joulukuuta 2018

A couple of cosplay plans for 2019!

So, yeah, hello again! I know I've been silent for a while but seriously, there hasn't been anything to write about ^^" Or, well, I'm still writing my summary of Eura's Manga Day (which took place in the end of September so it's been a while) and I attended Kitsunecon as a cosplay contest judge but I'm going to tell more about that in my 2018 wrap-up post!

But now...
Some cosplay plans for 2019!


Those who follow me on Instagram (or have read Yukicon's post in which some con programs are revealed) already know that I and Merezone are going to host a lecture about Star Stable Online - and that means dressing up as a Soul Rider to me! My plan for Yukicon is...

Picture found on Google.
...Alex Cloudmill, newly designed!

I have to admit - at first I was very, VERY much against all the changes they decided to do to the characters but Alex's design doesn't bother me that much anymore instead of that, Anne's design is bugging me to Hell and back and that's why she found her way on my cosplay list again~! I've already ordered a wig for this one, everything else will have to wait. This will most likely be a closet cosplay - at least mostly.

At least for photoshoots

This girlie will probably show up next year at least in photoshoots - I'm not sure how many cons I'm going to attend since nowadays I don't enjoy attending cons that much, it feels like I've seen it all. But maybe you'll see her in a convention too, never say never!

Anyway, I bought Life is Strange: Before the Storm a few days ago. I had watched a few gameplay videos of it and already back then I was in love with this character and now my love for her has just grown and grown <3 And she, of course is...

Picture found on Google.
...Rachel Amber!

I'm quite sure some of you expected me to say Chloe Price but nah, not my cup of tea even though she is a great character too.

Like I said, I'm not sure if I'll debut her in any con - we will see. This is probably going to be a closet cosplay too - I don't seriously have the time or money to look for the right fabrics since I can get these products cheaper by buying them from Tokmanni's sale :')

But yes, here are at least a couple of new cosplay plans~! I'm not sure if I'll debut Keisuke Sannan next year - he's been on my cosplay list for a while but I'm not sure if the costume is way beyond my skills...

Until next time,

tiistai 9. lokakuuta 2018

Kitsunecon 2018 cosplay plans!


First, it'll take me some time to publish the summary of Eura's Manga Day. I haven't gotten the pics from my photographer just yet but well, I'll write the summary asap! And I should publish rest of Avalon's photoshoot pics too - from last autumn. Oops.

But yes!
On 13th of October Kitsunecon will be held in Kaarina, Finland. To be more specific, its location is the town's library. And I'll be there!

And my cosplay for the day will be...

Itachi Uchiha from Naruto.

Yes, I'm going to cosplay him again~! I haven't worn Itachi to cons in ages and I'm looking forward to cosplay him oh so very much! :')

I'll be one of the cosplay contest judges so I have no idea how much time I'll have for exploring the con etc., but if you happen to see me there, come and say hi!


perjantai 28. syyskuuta 2018

Circle lens review - Sharingan lenses (Funcle No. 117 Aka CPS1-Sasuke)

Hello folks!

I'm so, so late with this review - these lens photos were taken in April 2017 after Manga Day of Eura II... So yeah, talk about being late.
I've also opened and worn many other lens pairs during my silence but sadly didn't have time to photograph them before they expired. However, I'm likely to order those lenses again so they will be reviewed in the future, I promise you that!

But let this review begin~! I ordered these lenses from here.

(First two pictures © me, other pictures © Shiro Samurai to whom I also deeply apologize for being late, I know it's quite disrespectful to not to publish pictures on the schedule but I hope you understand ;;__;; )

The package in which the lenses came.

I found this packing style quite interesting... :D

Base curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 14.2 mm
Water content: 55 %
Life span: 1 year

Inserting these was a very easy task to do. These didn't curl as much around my finger as I had expected. I didn't feel these that much in my eyes either - every now and then a small sting maybe but nothing more.
After opening the packages I let these soak in a new solution over the night since the original solution (in the packages) irritates my eyes a lot. I have no idea if it does the same to you but I definitely don't recommend testing it. 

Sadly I don't have a "one lens in" picture of these lenses :( I took these lenses off immediately after the event was over and, well, kind of forgot to take that picture later... Yeah, I know I'm a goldfish when it comes to my memory.

These lenses are quite small as you can see from the diameter and thus not very enlarging. If these weren't bright red with black "dots", these would look quite natural, to be honest. On the other hand, Sasuke doesn't have moe eyes so maybe it's better that these were more of the natural side when it comes to the size... :D 

The comfort of these lenses was great! These were easy to insert and I wore these about six hours without feeling them in my eyes at all so I guess I could've worn these for the full eight hours. After taking these off my eyes felt a little dry but not that much. Every now and then a saw a glimpse of red when these moved in my eyes but it wasn't too annoying/irritating.
The design of these lenses is the basic sharingan - red base color with black dot-like details. I already said this but I'll say it again: if sharingan was a natural thing for human eyes, these would be very natural-looking lenses. The red isn't "Paint effect" red - it's more vivid and I think that there are a few different shades of red since in certain lights these lenses looked a bit orange. The black details (not those sharingan dots, I mean the other dots) make these lenses look more... Multidimensional, I guess, since the add some depth to the design. I also love the thick outer ring - look at the pictures and you'll see why~!

Note: since it's been so long since these pictures were taken I can't remember which picture was taken in which light. I will write the light conditions under those pictures from which I actually remember the photographing situation but... Yeah. I'm very sorry about this! ;__;

Yellow light, I think.

"White" light.

Probably natural light.

With flash.

Facing the BURNING BRIGHT sun.

Back against the sun.
From the dstance.
  • The colour is absolutely 10/10 - the red is so vivid! <3
  • The design is also 10/10 - perfect basic sharingans!
  • I think that the opacity is 9/10. These cover my eye colour greatly for the most part but, as you can see, my own eye color can be seen quite clearly in certain lights.
  • My grade for the comfort is 9,5/10. These lenses were one of the most comfortable pair I've ever worn. <3
  • The naturalness is 2/10. I don't think that I need to explain this one xD
  • The enlargement ain't that great so I'd say 3-4/10. These are on the natural side when it comes to the size so if you want to be a moe Uchiha, these may not be the best option for that.

And now it's ready (about time...)~!
As you can see I really liked these lenses and I'm very likely to order these in the future too if I need lenses like these. :)

 Got any questions? Aske in the comment box, contact me on the social media or send me an email!


tiistai 11. syyskuuta 2018

Tampere Kuplii 2018 - Save the poor dog!

It's been 84 years since I last updated this blog.
Or at least it feels like it.
And this blog post is SOOOOOOO late. For some reason I didn't even want to see a computer after a school day during spring so... Yeah. And my crahstop didn't even work properly.

But yeah, on 24th of March I visited Tampere Kuplii and attended its cosplay competition too! At first I considered taking part to the convention on Sunday too but in the end my fiancé (who wanted to tag along) and I decided that we wouldn't do that.
For me Tampere Kuplii has become a festival I only want to attend on Saturday since that's the main day for cosplaying.

But, anyway.
We started our trip to Tampere on Friday. It was quite hectic, leaving itself I mean - we were just chilling like "okay, we have a lot of time" and all of sudden many people contacted us like "Could you please bring some stuff with you when you leave?". Yeah, not as chill as we thought it would be...
Anyway we managed to catch our train. The trip went well (except both of us being a little nauseous since we hadn't slept too well - the week before convention both of us worked during the night) and soon we reached our destination! TheOneAndOriginal contacted me during the train trip and confirmed that we were going to spend a little bit of time with her and her friends during the evening.

We slept in the Torni hotel - if you've ever visited Tampere, it's the enormous building right next to the railway station. It wasn't very cheap but well, we could literally see Tampere-Talo when we looked out of the room's window so yeah, talk about staying near to the convention place. :D

The evening went quite well, just relaxing, eating and meeting TheOneAndOriginal and her company. She had also promised to help me during the competition since I cosplayed Avalon and couldn't see literally almost anything - I had covered my face since Avalon's face doesn't show. Usually I've worn a wig with that cosplay but, since I was competing, it was out of question.

And, because I hadn't competed in a long time, guess if I was nervous in the Saturday morning?


I decided to not to put my costume on in the hotel; the streets were full of snow and water (thank you Finnish spring!) and since Avalon's robe is so long that I always step on its hem... The costume would have been ruined during that 300 meter walk so I decided to put on my costume at Tampere-Talo.

When we arrived there I rushed to the dressing room and begun to put on my costume. After that it was time to get photographed!

Photos & edit: Santtu Pajukanta

As you can see, I didn't see anything...
It's been quite a long time since the convention so I don't actually remember that much of it and I'm sorry about it. The whole morning also went in some kind of a blur - I couldn't walk properly, the costume was too hot and I just didn't feel good. And, since this was my fiancés's first convention he has ever attended so I felt kind of guilty that I didn't spend that much time with him...
But soon it was time to go to the stage!

(c) Santtu Pajukanta
As I guessed, I didn't place but it wasn't even a wonder - there were so many brilliant costumes! <3 When I went to get my feedback from the judges (and take my cosplay off) I was told that my costume wasn't that bad and I should keep on competing - for example some materials were quite a bit off etc., but overall my costume was good.
Certainly brought me some motivation to keep on competing - and I will, I just won't attend that many contests than I did a few years ago.

After the contest I went to find my fiancé and texted Henzz that I would go to change my costume. You see, we've been role playing for a while and decided to do a pair cosplay, me as Jeremy and Henzz as Verna.
Sadly there are no photos, even though we took a bunch of selfies but crashing SD card happened. :I At least we had so much fun~!
Oh, and the title of this post... When we were walking around Ankkalampi, we saw a fire truck and fire fighters there. For a while we were like "wtf is happening here" but then it occurred to us; you see, the pond was frozen. There are small stairs at one side of the pond, and from under those stairs we heard a dog barking. I'm still not sure how the dog got there but everybody was clapping when the fire fighters finally got the dog out of there! :')

After that we went to check the Dealer's Hall... And I got a frickin' heart attack because of my fiancé! xD You see, he had told me that he'd stay at the hotel but all of a sudden he was behind me when I turned around! When I checked my phone he had tried to contact me about the Lugia raid which had been going on there but, well, I hadn't noticed. ^^"
And, of course, I had to spend some money on stuff...

The raven necklace by SirRoi, the steampunk earrings by Purple Octopus Jewellery.

(Those are for my upcoming steampunk photoshoot - I still don't know when it will take place but anyway.)

Quite soon after that it was time to say goodbye to Henzz and go back to the hotel, pack some stuff and go to eat something - gosh, I had been waiting for food for the whole day so guess if I was hungry :D
After that we watched Titanic. I know, it sounds like a cliche but it just happens to be one of my all time favourite movies. And the story behind the movie, the actual tale of the ship, it frightens and interests me at the same time, it has always done that.
And during that evening I decided to cosplay Rose DeWitt Bukater next year... :D

Well, when Sunday came it was time to pack rest of the stuff and run to the railway station - the damn elevators of the hotel were always busy and we waited for one for almost 20 minutes, damn it! D:< Fortunately we didn't miss our train.

So, it has been almost half a year since I attended a convention and I have to say that this break has done wonderful things to my passion for cosplay  - I'm actually excited about this hobby again. :') I was supposed to attend Tracon but well, didn't happen for personal economical reasons. Thanks water pipe for breaking during the summer. :I

But yeah, my next convention will be Eura's Manga Day later in September! <3 After that I don't know - I have some plans for Desucon Frostbite but to be honest, Tampere Kuplii sounds like more fun and not spending that much money.
We will see.

Until next time,

tiistai 28. elokuuta 2018

Euran Mangapäivä 2018!

A short tl;dr in English at the end of this post. Main post only in Finnish this time.

Ja kyllä.
Euran Mangapäivä saapuu keskuuteemme myös tänä vuonna!

Mitä eroavaisuuksia on tämän ja edeltävän kerran välillä?

  • Viime kerralla tapahtuma järjestettiin keväällä. Myöhemmin todettiin vuodenajan olleen enemmän kuin hieman väärä, joten tällä kertaa tapahtuma on siirretty syksylle kauneimpaan ruska-aikaan. Täytyy vain toivoa, ettei sataisi - sitten taas se ei olisi Mangapäivälle mitään uutta.
  • Tapahtuma järjestettiin keväällä 2017 kirjaston aukioloaikojen piirissä, eli klo 10-14. Tulos: häsläämistä, hämmentymistä ja kiirettä. Päivä oli liian tiukassa nipussa, eikä tapahtumakävijöillä ollut oikein aikaa tutustua toisiinsa tai kirjaston materiaaleihin. Viimeisestä viisastuneina tapahtumaa päätettiin pidentää, eli tulevat ajat ovat 10-16. Lauantaipäivästä edelleen puhutaan. 
  •  Koulutukseni puitteissa suunnittelin tapahtumalle oman logon. Enkä enää ikinä piirrä mangatyylisiä silmiä vektorigrafiikalla. Enhän mä niitä muutenkaan osaa piirtää ni Illustratorilla sitte, pff.

Semmonen puolen tunnin täräys.

  • Flyereissa ja printatuissa mainoksissa ei tällä kertaa ole ohjelmaa, vaan teen erikseen ohjelmakartan. Homma selkenee huomattavasti, menee paljon kauniimpaan nippuun. 
  • Videopelit ovat saapuneet ohjelmistoomme kahden konsolin voimin. 
  • Minua lukuun ottamatta tuomarit ovat menneet vaihtoon, ja toimin itse myös valokuvaajana sekä luennoitsijana.


Kyllä, piirustuspaja on tänäkin vuonna ohjelmistossamme! Pajan vetäjänä toimii edellisvuodesta tuttu Titta "Gure" Merinen. Piirustuspajan yhteydessä pidetään tänäkin vuonna piirustuskisa.


  • Tässä kisassa kisataan sarjoissa: 7-11-vuotiaat, 12-15-vuotiaat sekä yli 15-vuotiaat. Kerrothan/pyydäthän huoltajaasi kertomaan ikäsi ilmoittautumisen yhteydessä! Kisaan ilmoittaudutaan pajan pitäjälle, ei siis sähköpostilla. Huom! Sarjan toteutumiseen vaaditaan väh. 4 osallistujaa. Jos tämä ei toteudu, sarjoja liitetään toisiinsa tilanteen mukaan. Kisaajan ikä ja taso huomioidaan tuomaroinnissa.
  • Piirustukset laitetaan näytteille, paitsi jos erikseen kielletään - kerrothan siis, saako teostasi laittaa näytille.
  • Teema: piirrä Halloween-teemaisesti pelottava manga-hahmo/hahmo/asu! Teokset tulee piirtää A4-kokoiselle paperille.
  • Kisaan voi osallistua vain yhdellä teoksella/henkilö - muuten saa kyllä piirtää!
  • Mielikuvitus liikkeelle!


Tässä kisassa tuomareina toimivat kirjastolta Heli Koski, sekä edellisvuoden tapaan minä, Val "Firith" Pullinen.

  • Voi osallistua niin aasialaisella kuin länsimaalaisellakin piirretty-, peli- yms. hahmolla. Oma design ei sallittu (tätä varten on design-piirustuskilpailu). Ilmoittautumisen yhteydessä kerro hahmon nimi, lähdeteos ja oma nimesi/nimimerkkisi.
  • Puvun ei tarvitse olla itsetehty, kekseliäisyys kunniaan!
  • ÄLÄ OTA ITSEÄSI ISOMPIA TAI (TURHAN) REALISTISIA PROPPEJA (esim. asereplicat ja pesäpallomailat tulee jättää kotiin)!! Propilla tarkoitetaan siis asuun kuuluvia "lisukkeita", useimmiten aseet, taikasauvat yms.
  • Kisa on yksilökisa, eli parin kanssa valitettavasti ei voi astella lavalle. Omalla vuorollaan voi halutessaan kertoa parilla lauseella siitä, miksi halusi pukeutua juuri valitsemakseen hahmoksi, sekä tehdään pari hahmouskollista poseerausta.
  • Kyseessä on koko perheen tapahtuma; asu on vapaa, mutta pakollinen - eikä ole myöskään suotavaa tulla paikalle puolialasti.
  • Kisaajan tulee ilmoittaa itsensä läsnäolleeksi paikalla olevalle tuomarille (eli minulle tai Helille) tapahtumaan saapuessaan, ja tällöin hän saa myös vuoronumeronsa. Cosplay-kisassa sarjat eivät päde, vaan yhteensä 10 osallistujaa otetaan mukaan (alaikäraja on kuitenkin 7 vuotta). Huom! Kisaajan tulee ilmoittautua läsnäolevaksi VIIM. 13.00 tuomarille. Kisaajista otetaan valokuvat sitä mukaa, kun he ilmoittautuvat paikalle.
  • Palkintojenjako tapahtuu klo 15.00, ei siis kannata poistua paikalta kovin kauas!

Eli samoilla säännöillä pitkälti mennään kuin viime vuonnakin! Miten niin fontista näkee copypasten...

Nyt vain rohkeasti osallistumaan joko vain itsessään tapahtumaan, tai jopa kisaamaan - ja kisoista puheen ollen, voi olla että palkintoihin on tullut jopa hieman parannuksia... ;) 
Tervetuloa mukaan! <3

And now in English.
Euran Mangapäivä (Eura's Manga Day) comes back this year! Since the last Manga Day back in 2017 was kind of a success, we decided to give it another try. So, this year's Manga Day is held 22nd of September at Eura's main library. There are drawing workshop, drawing contest, cosplay contest, video games, an info panel of cosplay, manga to read... So much stuff to explore! 

If you want to participate in the drawing contest, it happens during the day in the library. If you want to enter the cosplay contest, you need to e-mail your character's name, the character source and your name/nickname to before the actual event day. Please keep in mind that this is a whole family event, so please, don't enter with a half-naked character. And don't take too realistic props/props that are bigger than you. For example gun replicas and baseball bats are forbidden.

The whole event is free - welcome! <3