lauantai 11. maaliskuuta 2017

Among the snow shines the rising sun - Japan photoshoot #2!


A while ago I - once again - traveled to the north and more specifically to Shiro Samurai's place. You may remember that he borrowed the Japan cosplay to me for Skecon but the costume wasn't complete back then (it was missing the lenses and it bothered me to no end tbh). That's why I wanted to photoshoot that cosplay again - and Shiro Samurai was willing to photograph me~!

And here are the pictures!
...I just noticed that my hands are in the same position in almost every pic - even though it wasn't very cold my fingers were freezing. Oops.

Character: Japan
Series: Hetalia: Axis Powers
Cosplayer: yours truly
Photos & photo edit: Shiro Samurai

Fun fact: I still need help with dressing up in this costume... I'm not very used to wearing these kind of clothes wish I had money to do so though.

Of course there's the bonus pic... xD Also known as "don't be aware that you're being photographed before your photographer mentions that your face actually looks decent even though you're not even trying to look clever" :'D

Don't start smoking, kids. Says the one who is trying to quit it. :I

But yeah, there you go~!
I'd also like to cosplay 2p!Japan (also known as Kuro Honda) at some point... I'm really starting to like this character! <3

That's all for now - but there are many blog posts to come quite soon~!


2 kommenttia:

  1. It was fun photographing you! :D You make a great Japan!
    Also, feel free to ask me in the future too if you want to borrow any kimonos etc from me, for cosplay purposes and such. ^^

    1. Working with you is always so nice! ^^ Thank you! <3

      Thanks, I'll keep that in mind~! c: