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Circle lens review: VISKON Quartz Crystal Gray


Have you ever had the case in which you know that you need certain lenses, but you only need them once or twice? I'm having that case right now - and that's why I decided to try these gray monthly lenses, VISKON Quartz Crystal Gray.
Fun fact; I almost didn't buy these at all since my eyes are mostly gray (with hints of blue and green which means that I have light-colored eyes). Then I made an OC - I will talk more about him in a separate post since I'll cosplay him in Tylycon - and before I had noticed I had decided that his eyes are quite big... And noticeably gray.

I ordered these lenses from HoneyColor.

Let's roll!

This time I don't have a picture of the lenses in their vials but I have a good reason for that; they weren't actually delivered in vials and taking a good photo of those... Things, in which they were delivered, was impossible. But here is the product package (picture taken on HoneyColor's site, I brutally murdered the package when I received it):

Base curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 14,5 mm
Water content: 42 %
Life span: 1 month at maximum

Inserting these was quite easy but for some reason they felt a bit thicker than most of the lenses I've reviewed lately. These also kept curling around my finger... Not so nice. However, when I actually inserted these, there were no problems at all. They didn't feel scratchy or anything - well, there was a slight blur but nothing too annoying. And I had a bit bad eye day so it might have been because of that (my eyes have been tired and dry lately). 
After taking the lenses out of their package I let them soak in a new solution over the night since the original solution (in the package) irritates my eyes to no end, makes them water etc. I don't know if it does that to everyone's eyes but I definitely don't recommend testing it. 

One lens in to show you the enlargement.
These make my eyes look a bit bigger but not too much which is good - in my case these lenses are for a western character. 

At first I didn't feel anything but, probably because of the condition of my eyes, after 2-3 hours these begun to feel a bit dry. They didn't feel too scratchy or blur my vision too much but you know that irritating feeling when you're tired and can't see that well anymore? That's exactly what happened to me when I wore these lenses. Also my eyes were a bit more light sensitive than usually - I don't know why. I mentioned earlier that these felt a bit thicker than the other lenses I've worn lately but I'm not sure if these two things really have a connection. After 3,5 hours I took these off but I know that I could've worn these at least two more hours. 

The design is very natural. Instead of a black color the lens designer had decided to use gray color to the limbal ring - despite the ring being quite thick it looks pretty natural to me! The color blends nicely with my own eye color but in some lights one could see the iris quite clearly... Anyway, I could easily wear these on a normal day too - I don't think that they look too weird. The best thing is that these could be quite good  cosplay lenses too - I could wear these for western characters and for example Levi Ackerman from Shingeki no Kyojin no, I will not cosplay him again in the near future.

The minus thing is that these lenses aren't very pigmented and my own eye color shines through in some lights. The gray appears pretty much in one shade which give these a small "Paint effect". Not too badly though; the lens color blends with my own eye color quite well anyway. The black dots in the middle of the lens are probably there for the blending to look more natural and happen easier.

Lens photos, anyone~?
Pics © me. These were taken on a cloudy day in March. And yes, cloudy - I had the luck on my side for once and the sun decided to come from behind the clouds for five minutes so I was able to take the outdoor pictures too!

Indoors, yellowish light.

Indoors, with a flash.

Indoors, natural light (gazing through the window).

Indoors, under the fluorescent lamp.

Indoors, bathroom light.

Outdoors, facing the sun.

Outdoors, back against the sun. Sorry for the blurry picture, my hands were shaky af and because I had stared into the sun just a bit before I was practically half blind and didn't see what I was doing.

And a distance pic!

  • The color is 7/10. A natural gray, basically, but I think that there could've been a couple of different shades of gray so these would've looked a bit more lively.
  • The design is 7/10. Very basic design, nothing bad to say about it. I could wear these on a normal day too since these lenses are not too flashy. 
  • The opacity... 5/10. My own eye color shines through in some lights, then again I might be the only one to notice it since these blend quite well with my own eye color. These really look gray though. Except when I face the sun, I have no idea since when my eyes have looked bright green in any lights. x__x
  • The comfort was 5,5/10. Quite average. These felt a bit thick in my eyes and begun to dry out quite soon but these didn't cause a new episode of "The itchy and scratchy show". Do you get the reference? :D
  • The naturalness is 9/10. These look very natural in my eyes - these make my eyes look just a big bigger, otherwise my eyes look pretty same than without lenses.
  • The enlargement is 6/10. My eyes don't look super big but if one looks closely they'll notice that my eyes look a bit bigger. 

Aaaand there it is! ^__^
Got any questions? Ask in the comment box, contact me on social media or send me an email!

- Firith

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  1. Thanks for reviewing! I haven't tried any of these monthly lenses yet but it's cool that you went ahead and did! The more reviews there are out there, the better! :D
    I must agree that these look natural on you. I also think that these seem to make a "halo effect", which is really cool!

    I feel you on the light sensitive eyes lately, I really do. My eyes have been sensitive for the past few days and, actually, yesterday my peepers were so dry for the whole day that it almost drove me crazy. x_x From the moment I woke up and all the way until I went to sleep. So dry it hurt; I could have killed for eye drops but guess if I had any? :DD

    1. You're very welcome! ^^ And that's true - I didn't find almost any reviews about these (at least there weren't that many reviewers who had light-colored eyes) so I decided to review these.

      Yes, these are pretty natural - it took my mother ten minutes to realize that I had lenses in my eyes :'D That's true, I didn't even notice that! :'D (Blind or something? x__x )

      Hnngh, that feeling is so frustrating! D: Has happened to me before too...
      And eye drops... One never has them when they would be needed </3