What has Firith made in Cosplayland?

Here are all the costumes I´ve made by far and that also includes the closet cosplays (= I´ve picked clothes from the cloth closet for this kind of cosplay and most likely I´ve sewed nothing for it). You can find the photographer credits from those updates which are all about event. They´re pretty easy to find since the name of the event has been mentioned in the title!

Sasuke Uchiha, own design version. Kimono shirt & hakama borrowed from Shiro Samurai, the kusanagi is self-made (made in 2013).

Teutonic Knights!Prussia from Hetalia: Axis Powers. The costume is self-made. Debuted in Matsucon 2017.

Druid Avalon from StarStable online. Debuted in Yukicon 2017, photoshooted again in the autumn. The costume is self-made. This is probably going to be one of my trademark cosplays since I love wearing this costume.

Japan from Hetalia: Axis Powers. Debuted in Skecon 2016, photoshooted again in the beginning of 2017. Costume parts (except the wig & lenses) borrowed from Shiro Samurai. I'd like to cosplay Japan again soon! <3 

North Italy from Hetalia: Axis Powers. Worn once (in Tracon 2016), the costume is retired now. It was missing some parts and I should re-make it. I'm not sure when I'll do that though; Italy isn't my favorite character, to be honest.

2p!France. All parts of the costume were bought but some of them were extremely difficult to find. Debuted in Cosvision 2016. This was also the second time I decided to use my own hair instead of the wig.

Casual!young!Severus Snape from Harry Potter. Every part for this costume was bought so once again I didn't make anything by myself.

My Darkrai gijinka (look, this pic isn't manipulated). I'm pretty pleased with the design and even though the safety pin wasn't originally part of it I've been thinking about buying more of them so I could close the jacket properly and it would even fit Darkrai's personality. The costume is still a bit unfinished. This costume was extremely uncomfortable to wear and I'm thinking about ways I could get this more comfortable to wear. Debuted in Yukicon 2016.

Josh from the game series Starshine Legacy. I bought all the parts for this costume so there ain't that much to tell about it either. Except that it was extremely difficult to find some parts for this... Debuted in Yukicon 2016.

Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven Way from a Harry Potter fanfic "My Immortal". I borrowed the clothes from my friend (both Ebony and Conchita were debuted in Tracon 2015) excluding the fishnets. The wig is styled by me. I don't have that much to say about this costume.

The singer called Conchita Wurst. I'm not pleased with how the costume turned out - my idea for the design was pretty good but then I had to make this costume in a hurry and the shit happened. I will re-make this one or make a brand new design for Conchita in the future!

Alex from the game Starshine Legacy 4: The riddle of Dark Core. When I was a child I used to play that game almost 24/7 but only later Alex became my favourite (before her it was Anne). The costume is 100 % selfmade. I also made her look more messy than in the reference pics since Alex loves machines, visits the stable and fights the minions of Mr. Sands. Pretty tough high school girl, I have to admit that.

Butler!Francis who is designed by me. The costume is 50 % self-made. I guess I don´t have much to say about this one. Frozen Angel as casual!Germany.

Agent!France, also known as Francis Bonnefoy from Hetalia: Axis Powers. I really am not pleased with this costume and I will remake this if I ever get the energy to do that (or maybe I´ll just use Phantom´s costume if I want to cosplay Francis' agent version). The costume is selfmade excluding the killer heels and the sunglasses. This version is seen in the series only once, only the upper part of the body and never from the back. Guess was it fun to try to look for some reference pics when there weren´t any.

I wasn´t even supposed to sew Miku Hatsune´s Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance outfit. In the end when I had listened to the song in a loop for many times while sewing I changed my mind and started to make this psychopath lady who dresses in red. The costume is self-made except the gloves, thighs and the silver/red necklace I got from my aunt. I´m very, very pleased with this costume. I was able to make this costume look like me since it´s pretty difficult to find just that one reference pic of RGGR outfit. I think that own design is okay.

When I opened the third manga book of Kuroshitsuji in 2012 I fell in love with a character named Grell Sutcliff. Since then I´ve wanted to cosplay as him and so I did at Tracon 2014. I´ve planned that I could make other versions of Grell too since he just is so epic character. The shoes were like that when I bought them from flea market. I made those trousers to my James costume but because that costume is kinda ruined I decided to dye them black. The blouse belonged to my father. The coat, the vest and the bowtie: made by me. I also painted the eyeglasses. I bought the wig from Paris last year and it´s styled by me. KuroNekoButler as Sebastian.

I cosplayed as Luka Megurine from Vocaloid for the first time at Animecon 2014 (the Magnet version). I´ve planned to make more Luka cosplays because she´s my favourite female Vocaloid. I painted the leggings (the black/dark grey stripes), found the shoes from the closet, I bought the fan from my friend some time ago and those things which cover my arms are bought from Paris. I´ve made this costume by myself (the parts I didn´t mention, well, not the wig).

Levi Ackerman (the corporal who is known from Shingeki no Kyojin) made his debut at Animecon 2014 but unfortunately I have to say that I will use this costume never again - mostly because it one part decided to break and it´s impossible to fix. I made the costume by myself and I´d like to cosplay as Levi again but not this version of him. I won´t promise anything though.

I decided to cosplay as Itachi Uchiha (known from Akatsuki, the criminal organization from series Naruto) a long time ago but I managed to make the costume for Tampere Kuplii 2014 event. Personally this costume is fun of my favourites because it´s nice wear and it was nice to make too. I´ll definitely cosplay as him (as this version) again but I´ve also planned to make the ANBU version. Let´s see if I´ll make it someday but I won´t promise anything. Malla as Sasuke.

This is the 80's rock version which I developed and the character is Miku Hatsune from Vocaloid. This is a 100 % closet cosplay - I don´t even own that Miku wig, I borrowed it. I used this costume at Tracon 2013 (at the evening party and on Sunday). This isn´t the most horrible designing mistake I´ve made. Believe me or not.

I cosplayed as Ayame Sohma - the love of my childhood - at Tracon 2013. I´ll never get bored with this guy´s personality and even though there could have been a huge technical mistake in this costume I was able to avoid the said mistake. I would like to cosplay as Ayame again but this time I´ll leave the heels at home and search more comfortable shoes to wear. There are also many different designs for Ayame but for now this will be enough. Perhaps sometime in the future I´ll make another costume for him. The costume is made by me.

When I started to read Naruto I saw almost immediately the character called Sasuke Uchiha who still has pretty big effect on my mind. I wanted to cosplay as him so badly... Well, at Animecon 2013 I cosplayed young mister Uchiha. Technically the costume isn´t the best I´ve made but it´s okay. Fun fact: I had never seen the episode 138 of Naruto Shippuden before looking for some reference pictures and I still haven´t watched the whole episode. Sasuke wears this costume in the said episode. There were many designs for him and I picked this one. This is the second costume made by myself.

Lady Ciel Phantomhive. I borrowed this costume from a friend and I only used it once at a random otaku meeting. Nothing more to add to this description. Though I´ve thought about making this version of him too but I´m not sure if I want to cosplay as Ciel - I don´t hate him but he's not "my favourite character forever" in Kuroshitsuji.

James from Pokémon series was my first crush ever (don´t laugh there okay I´m laughing too so fine, leaugh at it!) and Team Rocket was very epic in my opinion. I never waited for the good guys to appear, I always wanted to see Team Rocket! When I started cosplaying and wanted to make a costume by myself James was first character who came into my mind and I cosplayed as him at Tampere Kuplii 2013. I still like this costume because I didn´t have much sewing skills at that point and in my opinion it´s pretty good for a first costume. I may cosplay as James again but not with this costume - the white fabric didn´t like the red fabric when they were being washed and now the shirt is light red. Rainbow!James? o_O

Awful wig and a random closet cosplay of my own character. This is Walter McRavenhill and I cosplayed as him at Desucon Frostbite 2013. This photoshoot was taken before the event and I didn´t look exactly like that at Frost - I had a better wig for example. I will cosplay as Walter again because I´ve designed many costumes for him, starting from the design of royal people from the 19th century.

My first... Well, cosplay ever, the event was Tracon 2012 and I cosplayed as Draco Malfoy, this is also a closet cosplay. I´ll definitely cosplay as Draco again because he is one of those characters who felt so powerful and amazing when I was only a child (Draco is still powerful and amazing) and Tom Felton is one of my favourite actors. I could say that I understand Malfoy pretty well even though I was never forced to fight as a Death Eater.

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