perjantai 3. helmikuuta 2017

A short photoshoot in the forest!

Another "behind the camera" blog post~!

One day Xaoryuu contacted me and asked me if I wanted to photoshoot one of their costumes; and yes, costumes, not cosplays. Of course I said yes; we had been talking about photoshooting during January but back then neither of us had time.
I drove to their place after I had gotten my make-up done (yes, another circle lens review coming soon) and we went straight into the business.
At first we decided to take photos in the nearby forest and then try to take a couple of pictures inside the house.

Here are the results~!

All pictures © me
Edit (two first pictures) © Xaoryuu
Edit (three last pictures) © me

Xaoryuu basically froze themselves when we took this pic, I hope that you didn't catch a cold or anything ;__; 

Annoying blur is annoying.

We had to quit the photoshoot quite soon since both of us were basically freezing - the wind was damn cold.
I'm happy that Xaoryuu liked some of the pics that were taken! ^__^ I'm pretty pleased with these ones too!
Thank you Xaoryuu for your time~! ^__^

(Yukicon cosplay plans, lens reviews and WIP posts coming soon!)


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  1. Lovely photos and model. I like the atmosphere in these, almost feels a bit ethereal in a way...

    1. Thank you! :) And yes, Xaoryuu is a wonderful model! <3

      Thanks c: The ethereal atmosphere was something we tried to catch actually~ c: