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Circle lens review: Neo Ruby Queen Blue

Hi everyone~!

This time I'll review a very beautiful pair of blue circle lenses: Neo Ruby Queen Blue. I got these as a free gift from HoneyColor when I ordered some lenses - once again some sort of campaign, this review is non-sponsored.

I was so happy when I saw that I had gotten this exact pair as a gift - these lenses are very beautiful! But, once again, the luck wasn't on my side...

The vials of the lenses.

The lenses in their vials (the lens on the left is showing its 'wrong' side.)
Base curve: 8,6 mm
Diameter: 14,2 mm
Water content: 45 % 
Life span: 1 year

When I inserted these... Oh gosh, the instant blur! It felt like half of my eyesight would have jumped out of the window within 5 minutes. Anyway, these were easy to insert into the eyes, no problems with that.
After opening the vials I let these soak in the new solution over the night since the original solution (in the vials) irritates my eyes a lot. I don't know if it does the same to you but I don't recommend testing it.

One lens in to show you the enlargement.
These were more enlarging than I had expected them to be, to be honest. These don't look too small or too big in my eyes.

The lenses felt scratchy from the instant I inserted them into my eyes and all I wanted to do was to take them off as soon as possible - yet I decided to wear them because I wanted to get the pictures for this blog post. I have no idea why these irritated my eyes so much - there were no visible flaws, no dirt, these lenses aren't that big and the base curve is the basic 8.6 mm.
I managed to drive a car (why am I always driving somewhere when I do a lens review, I don't understand) but I can tell you, it wasn't very easy. There were no dangerous situations etc. but it was just uncomfortable... ;I I wore these lenses for 4 hours and then I was finally able to take them off - the relief when I was able to see better again!

I love the diamond-like design of these lenses - it's very beautiful! However, I think that I wouldn't wear these as cosplay lenses (or as "daily life" lenses for that matter, these aren't very natural); in my opinion these would be better for some alternative styles for example.
I also like the thin limbal ring; it brings some naturalness to these.

The blue color appears in these lenses in various shades and it's the main color of these lenses. However, one can spot some green and even some brown in these lenses! These details make the lenses look very mystic and even magical. They also help the color of the lens to blend better with the natural eye color, which in my case means grey/blue/green - I have light-colored eyes.
For some reason the color of these lenses reminds me about the ocean...

But now, the lens pictures~!

Pics © me, if not mentioned otherwise.

These pictures were taken on a very sunny day in February.
These pictures aren't edited in any way.

Bathroom light.

Indoors, yellow light.

Under the fluorescent lamp.

Staring out of the window, natural light. Picture © my friend Niina.

Indoors, with a flash.

Outdoors, back against the sun.

Outdoors, facing the sun ouch.

Distance pic!

  • The color is 10/10 - it's very vibrant and beautiful!
  • The design is also 10/10 - I love the diamond-like design, it's just so beautiful! ;__; <3 
  • The opacity is 8/10. These blend pretty well with the natural eye color but in some lights one's own eye color is very visible. At least in light-colored eyes.
  • The comfort is 2/10 - even worse than in my G&G Natural Brown lenses! I was literally half blind for the whole time I wore these... And the bloodshot effect happened AGAIN when I took these off.
  • The naturalness is 2/10. The color isn't that unnatural but well, I haven't seen anybody who would have diamond-like pattern in their eyes. 
  • The enlargement is 6/10. These don't make my eyes look too big but the enlarging effect is still there.
There you go~!
Got any questions? Ask in the comment box, contact me on social media or send me an email! 


2 kommenttia:

  1. Sad to hear that the comfort is shit when the lenses are otherwise so beautiful. D: Uncomfortable lenses are always a bummer, can't deny...

    But hey, thanks for reviewing these! I have the gray pair and I've been interested in the blue ones for a while now. Kinda hoping though that, if I ever get these, that the comfort would be better.

    1. Yep, I was very disappointed when I inserted these into my eyes - I would've loved to wear these lenses more often but no can do </3

      You're welcome! ^^
      I hope so too...