sunnuntai 8. tammikuuta 2017

Josh photoshoot number 2!

After the New Year's Eve I stayed a few days at Shiro Samurai's place. We had been talking about photoshooting one of my costumes before I even traveled to the north and believe me, I had a huge crisis going on back then since I really didn't know which costume I wanted to photoshoot. My mother would've loved to see more pictures of my Ayame Sohma cosplay but that costume is on my "I have to fix this" list now so it was out of question.
I also thought about photoshooting my Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance!Miku but, well... It's not a costume one would like to wear during the winter.
That's why I chose Josh from Starshine Legacy: Mystery of the Soulriders/Secret of Pine Hill Mansion (he appears at least in this two games). The costume is quite comfortable to wear and putting it on is quite simple (and it doesn't take too much space in the luggage).

But now, enough with the talk for now - here are the pics!

Character: Josh
Cosplayer: Firith
Photographer: Shiro Samurai
Pic edit: Shiro Samurai

(And yes, I still smoke. I, from the bottom of my heart, don't recommend smoking at all. In the end it really kills you. Never, I repeat NEVER, start smoking.)

It was fairly cold so we were able to stay outside just for a while - and when we went indoors I almost fainted because the temperature change was pretty great. At least we got a few good pics taken (I swear that Shiro Samurai is some sort of a wizard with his camera since we really didn't have that much time and I'm not very photogenic person).

I'll soon start working on a couple of cosplays and I also have lenses to review so stay tuned~!

.....I can already feel the cosplay stress approaching me though.....


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  1. Even though this photoshoot was very short (15 min? Damn cold...) I'm happy we got some shots taken that you liked. I was worried there wouldn't be enough good pics, tbh. ^^" I felt like I could have done better but it's kinda hard to come up with pose ideas etc when Josh is such a, err, minor character.
    I must admit that it was a bit challenging to get decent pics and that's because the wig kept blocking your eyes and, especially, from the angles I wanted to use! Don't worry though, you are quite photogenic. :)
    But yeah, if we hadn't been in such a hurry because we woke up late (hello kaamos, my old friend~) I think we would have gotten much better results. It felt soooo rushed but, as long as you're satisfied, then it's fine with me too. ^^

    ☆ Shiro Samurai's Cosplay & Circle Lens Blog ☆

    1. Tbh I was a bit worried about that too but luckily we got these shots! ^^

      And yes, Josh... Just pretty much stands somewhere in the background and looks grumpy so coming up with more poses is quite impossible (except if you want to go totally OOC). :'D

      I know, that wig is one hell of a bastard... x__x
      Thanks! :')

      That's true - should've woken up earlier ^^'
      And yeah, it felt quite rushed but I'm still satisfied with these results! :)