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Circle lens review: Geo Princess Mimi Bambi Chocolate Brown

Time for another (non-sponsored) lens review~!
This time it's time to review brown lenses; Geo Princess Mimi Bambi Chocolate Brown. I ordered these from this site (the same site than this) - these are the ones I meant to wear for my Japan cosplay but I placed the order a bit too late and didn't get these in time... x__x

But now, the review itself!
All pics © Shiro Samurai (if not mentioned otherwise).

The vials of the lenses.

The lenses in their vials.

Base curve: 8,8 mm
Diameter: 14,8 mm
Water content: 40 %
Life span: 1 year

After opening the vials I let these soak in a new solution over the night. This is recommendable, especially if your eyes are sensitive since the original solution (in the vials) makes at least my eyes water and hurt. I don't recommend testing if it does the same for your eyes. 

One lens in to show the enlargement. This one was taken by me, the quality is provided by my mobile phone. Well, at least this shows the enlargement...

I had pretty much problems with inserting these into my eyes; I know that my eyes are sensitive but when I managed to put a lens into my left I it hurt like hell. This hasn't happened in a while now and I actually took the lens off to see if there were any flaws/dirt in it - no. The second time I put the lens into my eye it still felt quite uncomfortable but after a few minutes the feeling finally passed and I was able to put a lens into my right eye too. 
For the first couple of hours I didn't feel these almost at all - every now and then there was a small scratchy feeling but it didn't get too bad. However, during the third hour I noticed that these had begun to blur my vision and during the fourth hour I saw just foggy blur when I tried to play a game apparently I'm Jigsaw now lol. At that point I decided to take these off. 

The design is damn beautiful. The main color is chocolate brown (like the name of these lenses says) but the thin, light brown rim makes the color look more vibrant. I also love the thick, black limbal ring and those spike-like black stripes - they make these lenses look quite awesome; I could even say somehow wild! 

Now, the pictures~! 
Note; my eye color is a mixture of blue, grey and green - in other words, my eyes are light-colored. 
The colors in the close-up pics aren't edited.
These pics were taken on a semi-cloudy day in January, a couple of hours before the sunset.

Bathroom light.
Flash photo. 
Facing corridor window.
Weak staircase light.
White corridor light. Excuse me the position of my eyes.
Yellow light.
Facing apartment window, sunlight.
Outdoors, facing cloudy sky.
Outdoors, back against the sun.
Distance photo.
  • The color is definitely 10/10 - I love it to Hell and back. These would have been perfect for my Japan cosplay too! Maybe in the future...
  • I also love the design and I could say that it's 8,5/10. Not probably my number one favorite but still.
  • The opacity is 7/10. The color doesn't blend with light eye color well and you can clearly see some of my own eye color in the middle. I think that these might work better for brown eyes... Well, I've had lenses with worse opacity too so I'll stick with my rating.
  • The comfort was 6,5/10 - wearing these was similar to wearing Super Pinky Green lenses. The scratchy and blurry feeling was there once again.
  • I don't think that these lenses look that natural on me so I could say that the naturalness is 6/10. People would surely notice that this isn't my natural eye color. Also the enlargement and the design give these "the eyes of the cartoon character" effect. Perfect for cosplay lenses though.
  • The enlargement is 9/10. Even though these are a bit bigger than the lenses I usually wear, there's almost no difference in the enlargement effect. 

That's all for now, folks!
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  1. I'm sad that you originally didn't get these in time for Skecon but yeah, they are still really pretty lenses and look so good on you! ;A; I've considered getting these myself as well but we'll see when that happens. x) I have soooo many other lenses to review before I buy new ones, lolol.

    But hey, if you order from Cirkellinser or Circle Lenses Europe in the future as well then remember that my discount code "SHIRO" is still valid. ^_^ I really like them because yeah, a legit circle lens store in Sweden/Europe is hella convenient!

    1. Yeah, I'm kind of sad about it too but well, better late than never (and I have pretty much use for brown contacts tbh) ^__^ Thank you! ;__;
      It'd be nice to hear your opinion about these too - though I understand quite well why you're not buying these just yet... xD

      I'll keep that in mind! ^^
      I can only agree on that! x)