maanantai 19. joulukuuta 2016

It's been four years...

...since I begun to write this blog.

Honestly, I don't even know what to say.
Those years have been a journey full of joy, tears, frustration and laughter. There have been ups and downs, failures after failures before finally succeeding.
That journey wouldn't have been half as funny without friends... And you, my dear readers.

Thank you - that's all I can say (since I'm pretty speechless at the moment). <3

Today I decided to write something different.
Usually you see me in the pictures, posing and all. But sometimes, just sometimes, I'm also behind the camera.
I haven't done many photoshoots during these years. Yes, a couple of years ago I used to take just some pics with Xaoryuu but because of the lack of time we didn't get many chances to take more photoshoots at that point. We still don't have the damn time. :D 

I've mostly photographed nature, especially during the autumn when the colors were very bright and vivid.
I also bought a new camera a couple of months ago to get pictures with better quality. Honestly, my old camera is good in some situations but not in photoshoots...

But here they are, some pictures~!
(Note; if there's a person in the photo, I have asked their permission to upload it here.)

Nature & animals

I took this picture through the window. Believe me, it was quite hard to attract Mörri's attention (yep, that's the name of our cat).

My friend's pony! <3 I take care of him every now and then. :) 
And here are the ladies of my friend's pony! x) In this pic the fog is quite visible and it was quite hard to get my camera to co-operate with me... x__x 

Cats at the stable (and the leg photobomb is provided by my friend Janina)! <3
This picture was actually taken today. The sky was beautifully pastel-colored and the fog made the nearby fields look mystical... And yes, I live in the countryside.


Model: Mai Koyama.

Models: DAI Cosplay (Levi Ackerman) and Rikari Cosplay (Petra Ral). Photo edit © DAI Cosplay.

(Note: the last two pics were taken with DAI's camera since I didn't have my good camera back then.)

I don't edit the pictures I've taken, by the way. It's only because Gimp and Photoshop allied against me and don't work on my computer at the moment.

Of course there were more pics taken in the photoshoots but I'm not sure if I should tell more about those photoshoots in separate posts... Tell me your opinion about this!
Anyway, thank you everybody for reading this, reading my blog and supporting me! <3 By the way, if you want me to take pics of you (for example cosplay photoshoots) just tell me - you get the photographer and I get some practice! c: You can leave a comment in the comment box, send me an e-mail or contact me somewhere else on social media.

You can also read my very first blog post on this blog right here. It's in Finnish but it contains some basic information of me, myself and I. Yep, I think that for example my writing style is nowadays quite different. And yes, I still write song lyrics every now and then but I haven't sold them to anybody in a long time.

See you next time~!


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  1. Glad to see that your blog is still going strong even after 4 years. :) I hope you'll be around for a long time to come!

    1. Thanks! :)
      Don't worry, you won't get rid of me very easily xD