keskiviikko 26. heinäkuuta 2017

NärCon Sommar 2017 cosplay plan(s?)!


I'm sorry about my silence here but, once again, I've had problems with my internet connection. You see, I had to buy a new phone and for some reason my computer doesn't accept its connection, neither hotspot nor USB. :/ I'll become more active when I get some technology which actually works...

But, to the business itself!

I decided to attend NärCon for the first time this year.
And my wallet is already crying. Traveling isn't cheap - especially when you first travel from Southern Finland to Northern Sweden and from there to Southern Sweden... x___x

Right now the only confirmed plan is this mister - yes, I've made a new cosplay!

Lord Cob from Tales from Earthsea.
Ghibli villains, anyone? <3
Actually this started as a joke between me and Shiro Samurai - I just said that I could cosplay this character, just for laughs. At some point this became a real plan and... Well, now I've almost finished this costume... xD

I'll cosplay Lord Cob at least on Friday. I'm still not sure if I'll cosplay on Thursday - we'll see about that!
On Saturday I won't cosplay anyone because, well, I'll be leaving Linköping for Stockholm in the night between Saturday and Sunday (since I have to be at work on Monday morning, more specifically 7 o'clock :D).

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