lauantai 27. toukokuuta 2017

Gijinkas I'm likely to make in the future!

The title pretty much tells it all.

I have a shitload of cosplay plans - and these gijinkas are a part of them. I've begun to order stuff for some of these already but I sincerely have no idea when I will debut these. Hopefully in the near future, even though Sannan-san and Yang Jinghua are my priorities right now.

But let's see what this list contains~!

Darkrai from Pokémon: The Rise of Darkrai
Yes, I've been planning to re-make this one ever since I made my first gijinka of this character. I was never pleased with it; I made it under a huge stress and, unfortunately, one can clearly see that I wasn't doing my best.
And back then I wasn't even sure what kind of a gijinka I actually wanted to make...
But yes, this is 100 % sure to happen in the future. I've loved Darkrai as a character ever since I saw the movie and I really want to cosplay this character again.

Yveltal from Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction
I watched this Pokémon movie not so long ago and when I saw Yveltal I got the "I must make a gijinka of this Pokémon!!" feeling - and yes, this will definitely happen! It might not be my priority number one but still.
I haven't planned the whole costume just yet but I think that I pretty much know what kind of a gijinka I want to make.
Black and red Pokémons ftw.

Qurupeco from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

I pretty much lost my mind when I tried to hunt this one - really, it's not even that hard yet I still managed to spend way too many hours on trying to kill Qurupeco. Such hunter skills, much wow. :I

But yeah, when I got over my hate towards this monster I actually took a closer look at it - and realized that I liked its colors a lot. I've always loved and respected the element called fire too and after a few discussions with my hunter friends I decided to make a Qurupeco gijinka. I've already ordered stuff for this one.
Waiting for those feathers to arrive. :DD
This one will be one of my most expensive costumes by far, I know it already... Bye money, didn't need you anyway.

Kyuubi from Naruto
Because why not?
Naruto was one of the first series I got into when I stepped into the cosplay community. This demon fox has had a special place in my heart ever since. I mean, who wouldn't love an intelligent devil in disguise?

Kyuubi is extremely intelligent and independent character... And quite destructive, too. For some reason these kind of characters attract my attention quite easily.

I've already ordered some fabric for this one too and I've begun to think about the ways to make the tails. I have no idea when I will debut this one though but I hope that I'll manage to do it during 2018 - I have a feeling that making this during this year is highly impossible.

Alduin from Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
"Zu'u Alduin, the first born of Akatosh!"

This villain dragon is pure gold. Even though he isn't that much of a challenge to kill (if you time the kill right) and he is one of the stereotype villains, there's still something special about him... And not just the fact that he's a massive dragon.
I'm still going to make Cicero someday but right now I have a feeling that I'll probably make Alduin first.

And hey, look at that design - it's going to offer me so much new challenges! <3

(By the way, I still can't get over the fact that Alduin's dragon brother Paarthurnax and Super Mario have the same voice actor...)

There they are, some gijinka plans! :)
I really don't know when I will debut these ones but let's just say that I don't have that many plans for 2018 yet (except for re-making Ayame and making Ritsu but yeah)... x)

See you soon~!


4 kommenttia:

  1. I had no idea you wanted to do Yveltal, I'm excited! :'D
    I'm also really looking forward to your Qurupeco ridiculously much. xD Monster Hunter gijinkas are awesome and there should be more people doing them! I have several MonHun monsters that I want to make humanoid versions of... ~

    1. I haven't spoken that much about it until now so yeah :'D But yes, it will offer me nice new challenges and I hope that my skills will match with the difficulty of the design I've planned xD

      Haha xD Yeah, they are - and there definitely should be more people making MonHun gijinkas!
      Niiice~! Waiting for them to happen, then! ^__^

  2. Fun to see that you have gotten more into MonHun, to the point that you want to cosplay from it! Hell yeah, I look forward to see your design for Qurupeco (kurapekka, hihi).

    I really like Yveltal's design too, I'd love to see your design of it as well! Feel you, black and red are eff yeah together! <3

    1. Yeah - at first I actually thought that I wouldn't cosplay from MonHun but... Oops xD And I'm looking forward to making that monster (pun intended). :D

      Yveltal's design is pure love <3 And yes, black and red make a great colour combination~ ^^