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Tracon 2016

Friday, 2nd of September

A few days before Frozen Angel had come to my place and we had decided to go to Tampere on Friday, a day before the con actually begun. The reason for this was that changing the e-tickets to wristbands was possible already on Friday and since Frozen Angel wanted to skip the long queue and I wanted to have my badge as soon as possible... Well, that's why we went to Tampere earlier.
We had talked with our now common friend Gure if we could sleep in her apartment and luckily she said yes. Unfortunately she wasn't able to come to the center of Tampere when we arrived but Rikari happened to be around at the time. She was also going to Tampere-talo to fetch her badge so we walked there together.
I had no idea which bus we should take to get to Gure's place (she has her own apartment now) but luckily Rikari knew the way and helped us. Thanks, I owe you one!
At Gure's we pretty much just derped around, listened to the songs linked below (don't even ask), did some make-up tests and Gure and I spammed silly stuff to people on Snapchat. At some point we decided to get some sleep because all of us knew that we should wake up quite early.

Saturday, 3rd of September

Gure and Frozen Angel were both up before I had even opened my eyes - mornings just aren't my thing at all. On Saturday I cosplayed North Italy, Gure cosplayed casual!South Italy and Frozen Angel cosplayed Germany - all of the characters are from Hetalia: Axis Powers, if you didn't already know that.
At some point (I think that it was past 11 a.m., oops) we left the apartment and went to Tulitikkutehdas. It used to be a factory back in the days but then it was destroyed in a fire. Nowadays the building just... Exists. We didn't have luck on our side though; when we arrived there we noticed that some sort of airsoft game was going on there so we gave up on one location and went to another building. I must say that the building is pretty spooky and if one moves around there (s)he has to be careful - the tiles might fall from the walls any minute and even though I'm a hard-headed person, I don't want any tile to crack my skull.
Anyway, Gure had promised to be our photographer. We took a few pictures there but since the light wasn't on our side we decided to change location. Other pictures are taken around Näsilinna.

Note; Frozen Angel and I are just friends. Very good friends indeed, but just friends. And if you definitely dislike GerIta pairing, scroll past these pics. I'm not forcing you to watch them. Thank you.

After the photoshoot we decided to go to the con place since the clock was already... Well past 12 o'clock in the morning and since I was hosting a Hetalia-themed lecture/panel this time, I wanted to find the room where I should host it. At first Frozen Angel and I (Gure had already left since she didn't have a ticket) decided to go to check the dealer's hall and the artists' valley - and I was so happy to see that Lumissa's Purple Octopus was there again selling the amazing hand-made jewellery (I bought a necklace from the collection on Sunday)!
In the dealers' hall we ran into Trixena and decided to hang out with her for a while. For my bad luck I wasn't able to spend time indoors almost at all since the uniform was so damn hot - really, the breakfast bacon effect happened again. We went outside and soon after Frozen Angel and Trixena decided to go to the local Subway restaurant to get some food. I didn't feel up to it and instead decided to stay at the convention area and meet people.
When I was drinking an ice coffee I heard someone say "Italy!" and saw a couple of other cosplayers coming to talk to me. They asked if I could hug them and of course I said yes - my ice coffee wasn't so important that I couldn't hug somebody and chat for a while.
I also spotted quite many Hetalia cosplayers and chatted with some of them. It's so nice to see people still cosplaying from Hetalia even though the highlight years for those series have long gone.

At some point I ran into Frozen Angel and Trixena again (after a couple of hours or so). I decided to go to eat at this point and immediately ran into Hant and his friend. It was so nice to see him and meet new people! I ate at the canteen since, well, the workers/lecture hosts etc. get some privileges and that was one of them, eating in a canteen. The food was damn good though.
At some point we - Trixena, Frozen Angel and I - also went to check out the Harry Potter meet. I've been a Potterhead for over ten years now and it was so nice to see and meet other Potterheads! We also ran into Frozen Angel's friend and I also managed to greet Saga Cosplay whom I have followed on Instagram and Twitter for some time now. It's always nice to see people outside the Internet.

Then it was time for me to host my lecture.
I was expecting for max. 20 people to come to listen to my explanations but, to my surprise, over 40 people were there in the end. The AMV competition was being held at the same time so I could say that I was very happy to see that amount of people.
I'm also happy that the audience once again discussed about the topics of the lecture with me. Thanks guys, you were a great audience! <3
If somebody took a video etc., could you send it to me? My e-mail address can be found on my contact information.

Almost immediately after the lecture Frozen Angel and I decided to guy back to Gure's place, change out of cosplay and then come back to the center of Tampere, We also met Vivian, one of my and Gure's common friends. It was so nice to see her too!

Sunday, the 4th of September

I woke up at some point during the morning. Frozen Angel had woken up a bit earlier and I accidentally woke up Vivian who woke up Gure - yet only Frozen Angel and I went to the con. This time I had my Ebony cosplay with me, once again. I still hate the character pretty damn much, but well, at least I don't have to take everything so seriously in that costume.

Since it was Sunday there wasn't much to do. We just took some pictures, Jarkko and I decided to have a photoshoot of my costume and Frozen Angel, Joona and I also went to the Maid Café. Somehow I just like those places and our maid was very nice!

Just have a couple of pics and a photoshoot about my Ebony costume since we didn't do that much on Sunday, just enjoyed the con atmosphere overall.

Photographer: Jarkko
Character: Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven Way

(Quality © my mobile phone's camera since that camera is better than the camera I had with me...)

Other pictures

I might have fanboyed a bit when I saw this costume... Cosplayer: Awaek cosplay

My friend Asuka cosplayed Takahashi Minami.

A random picture from Maid Café.

I also know that I haven't been blogging pretty much lately. The reason is this: I haven't had anything to blog about. Yes, I have lenses I could review but my eyes still have the Sahara effect for some unknown reason and inserting the lenses into my eyes feels quite uncomfortable. I also haven't sewed that much - I have projects I've already started and I'm about to start a couple of more costumes quite soon. It's just that my blogging motivation has been quite low for some reason now, but I'll try to be more active when I finally get something done.
(And my sewing machine is still quite a bitch.)
A lot has happened during my silence. Please, forgive me.

Trying to become more active with blogging again,

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