torstai 20. lokakuuta 2016

Kitacon cosplay plans!

Yes - this year I will be attending Kitacon! I was supposed to do that a couple of years earlier but back then my financial situation wasn't that great... But now it's finally possible! 

At first I really wasn't sure about cosplaying there since the event itself isn't that big, but then I noticed that I have one costume I could actually take with me. The greatest thing is that I don't have to cosplay him alone again since Shiro Samurai promised to do a pair cosplay with me! Seriously, cosplaying this character alone has begun to taste like wood... 

Yes - it's Ayame Sohma from the series Fruits Basket once again. I noticed that his lenses haven't expired yet so this will be another chance to cosplay him.

After this convention I won't be able to use that blue jacket anymore, unluckily. The jacket is pretty old (made in 2013) and it's literally beginning to fall into pieces. I'm likely to re-make that jacket someday and make the red jacket too - I just love cosplaying Ayame! I've also considered making that damn wedding dress too, oops.

I will also begin to make another Fruits Basket themed costume soon - I already have a wig for it! Maybe you can guess who it is~? 

Ft. my lovely Krav Maga hoodie. 
That's all for now!

3 kommenttia:

  1. I hope you'll enjoy the con and your visit up here too. :) Looking forward to cosplaying together and maybe having a small photoshoot or something!

    Well, I already know that you're doing Ritsu (riiight? :DD) but that's a good choice! He barely gets any cosplay love from what I've seen so yeah, it'll be nice to see this!
    Reminds me that I need photos of my Kazuma costume too, oops...

    1. A photoshoot would be so nice! ;w; And I can't wait for my visit up there too - seriously, it's been way too many years since my last visit in north.

      Yep, Ritsu it is~ :D And yeah, I haven't seen that many Ritsu cosplays either and none in Finland.
      Hopefully you'll get those Kazuma pics taken soon~!

  2. I'm so happy that you are finally coming to the north, hnngh! :,)

    I look forward to attend Kitacon too but I won't be cosplaying from Fruits Basket myself, but I do plan to read the manga someday ^^