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Cosplay plans for Tracon 2016!

Hello folks!

Since I'm not going to any summer conventions this year I decided to tell my final cosplay plans for Tracon. I just didn't feel like going to Desucon or Animecon so I just decided to skip them this year (which actually doesn't bother me that much since this summer I have A LOT of work to do so I'll probably be dead tired all the time).
But anyway, those plans for Tracon!


North Italy (Feliciano Vargas) from Axis Powers: Hetalia. 
Since I'll keep a lecture about Hetalia on Saturday I decided to cosplay someone from the said series. Usually I cosplay France - as you know pretty well - but this time I decided to cosplay somebody else. 
North Italy's personality is quite different from mine but that's exactly what makes cosplaying him so funny! Making that uniform might not be so funny though, I can already see myself banging my head to a wall... 
I won't be a "forever alone Feliciano" but I won't tell just yet who will belong to the group - I think that they might want to tell it themselves.


Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven Way from a fanfic My Immortal,written by Tara Gillesbie.
Oh yes.

I will cosplay this "omg I will love Draco Malfoy forever but Vampire Potter is the second best boy in the world!!1" lady once again, this time in a different outfit though - I read the fic through once again and despite my constant cringe I managed to find some information about her clothes. We've also been talking about a My Immortal cosplay group with my friends and I really hope that we will make it to Tracon! 
This time I'll sew some parts for Ebony's costume myself.
I still hate the character to nuts (and I hate her clothes ((not her style though)), those pieces of fabric will be so uncomfortable to wear) but since it's pretty funny to derp around as her I decided to cosplay her again.

But, yeah, these are my cosplay plans for Tracon!
At the moment I'm waiting for a couple of wigs to arrive and I should also review Italy's lenses - that might not happen in a while though since my eyes have been so dry lately that they could become a part of Sahara without anybody questioning it.
The lecture I'll keep will be in Finnish. Like I've said before, I won't keep lectures in English yet. I write and speak it quite fluently but... Nope, not yet. 

Still alive,

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  1. I just CAN'T WAIT for Tracon, hnnnngh! I already bought my con ticket! <3

    1. I can't wait for Tracon either! ;__; Yay! <3 We'll finally see each other there, wee~

  2. I'm still really unsure if I will attend Tracon or not but right now it looks like I probably can't because of money issues and a new family member in my life. But nevertheless I look forward to seeing your Italy cosplay!

    1. Well, you'll attend if you have time & money ^__^ I actually read about your new family member (just didn't have time to comment on the blog post because I was at work and my lunch break isn't very long). ^^

      Thank you! :3