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Circle lens review: Vassen Dolly+ Brown


Today marks a bit special day in my blog since I've never done anything like this. I might have said something about lenses I've worn during these years but I've never really reviewed them. Now it's time for a change.
Here's the first pair of lenses I'll ever review; Vassen Dolly+ Brown lenses (optional spelling Vassen Dolly Plus Brown). They also go by the name I.Fairy Dolly+ Brown - same brand but a different name. 

(All pictures in this post are taken by Shiro Samurai if not mentioned otherwise.)

Base curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Water content: 42 %
Life span: 1 year

This pic was taken by me and I'm sorry about the shitty quality but my camera decided to be a son of a bitch once again. No make-up worn so you could see the enlargement better. Quite a difference, huh?

I have to say that I was a bit skeptical about putting these into my eyes; like I've said before the circle lenses usually don't want to co-operate with me (or my eyes don't want to co-operate with them but anyway). I was genuinely surprised when I put these lenses into my eyes on Cosvision's Sunday - these were ordered to my Ayame cosplay - and noticed that I had no difficulties with doing so. 
For the first two minutes or so I could truly feel that there was something in my eyes but after that no discomfort appeared during those five to six hours those were in my eyes. I could say that the lenses were a lot more comfortable than some other lenses I've worn (because of Ayame's first lenses my other eye still goes almost blind every once in a while). 
The pattern of this lenses isn't that much out of ordinary making them look quite natural at first sight.

Some pics!
These pictures were taken on a partly cloudy afternoon in April. No filters etc. used so you would get as good view of the lenses as possible.

Bathroom light.
Indoors, flash photo.
Indoors, natural light.
Indoors, yellowish light.
Outdoors, back against the light.
Outdoors, facing the light.

In my opinion the color is a bit too golden to be brown - perfect for Ayame but if you're looking for brown lenses, these ones might not fulfill your wishes. Especially if your eyes are a mixture of blue, green and grey like mine are. For darker eyes I could say that these might work just like they should and they would blend a bit more to the eye's natural color.
Despite the enlargement the lenses still look quite natural - I think that it's thanks to the lenses' quite basic design. There aren't any kind of extra details that would catch one's eye but if one's looking for natural golden/brown lenses I would recommend these.

Distance pic

I know that you've seen this selfie before but this shows pretty well how the lenses actually looked like.

Because the design is kind of natural I could even use these even on "normal days" and not only in conventions - I'm pretty gothic person myself but these would look great for example in lolita style. Since they aren't so detailed (doesn't mean that they wouldn't be damn beautiful) they would be suitable for every anime girl/boy whose eyes don't sparkle like Edward Cullen's ass on sunny beach diamonds, for example. 

  • I would rate the color of the lenses 7/10 - like I said, these are perfect for Ayame, but if you have light-colored eyes like I do these won't make them brown.
  • The design of the lenses... 8/10. Quite basic design so it works fine with many different styles and characters.
  • The comfort of these lenses is definitely 9,5/10. You'll feel them in your eyes a couple of minutes after putting them into them and after that you won't even notice that you have something in your eyes.
  • The naturalness in my case is 6/10. The design makes them look quite natural but the enlargement and the color make them look perhaps a bit unnatural. 
  • The enlargement is 8/10. These make my eyes look A LOT bigger than my eyes usually are. Great effect for example for moe characters btw.

*phew* Well, now it's been written - my first circle lens review ever! You still have something you want to ask? Ask in the comment section below or contact me somewhere else on social media!


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  1. Aaah~ owo
    I'm so happy to see that you decided to start reviewing lenses too, it's really a great thing to do because it's very helpful for others! I hope you will do more reviews in the future! :D
    Oh and yeah, there aren't that many light-eyed lens reviewers out there anyway so even one more person is really appreciated and makes a difference!

    I also want to say that these lenses are quite popular with cosplayers and that's likely because they do look more gold/yellow than brown and because they're pretty vibrant. :) Golden lenses aren't all that common anyway! Their design is also basic enough to work for a lot of characters, as you said. I have these too in different colors but I haven't opened/reviewed them yet!

    ☆ Shiro Samurai's Cosplay & Circle Lens Blog ☆

    1. Yes, it's quite helpful to other people and I've actually considered reviewing lenses for a quite long time now so it was about time to do this review :DD I definitely will review more lenses in the future! ^__^
      Now when you mention it I haven't seen that many light-eyed reviewers o__o Well, now here's one more :"D

      Okay, didn't know about that actually :)
      And yeah, I remember when I was first looking for the lenses for Ayame back in 2013 and it was pain in the ass to try to find golden lenses... And, in the end, the lenses I ordered made my eyes look brown (oh the irony) :DD

      I'm looking forward to read those reviews in the future! :)

  2. Nice review :) I'm gonna buy those lenses too, when I'm doing my Ran Mao cosplay.