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Tampere Kuplii 2016 - let's keep it laconic.

Yep, let's keep it laconic since there's not really that much to tell you.

Because my sewing machine decided to have a holiday with a horrible timing I didn't have time to finish Chikane and that meant no competing for me. This was the second time that it happened to me with this cosplay and I'm seriously starting to get annoyed with this.
But anyway I decided to attend the convention on Saturday. Not on Sunday though; I decided to go to the Krav Maga training instead of attending the con. Tampere Kuplii is more like "I'm just hanging out with friends" type of a con and even though it's fun to spend time with friends... Well... This time I didn't feel like staying for two days.

On Friday I left work a bit earlier than usual (fifteen minutes or so) so I could catch the bus on time. I seriously don't like travelling anymore but then I noticed that my little cousin Danya was in the same bus and I went to speak with her (she also goes to conventions a couple of times per year).
When I arrived to Tampere Rikari and Monccu were there waiting for me. I had to go to Cybershop to get the lenses for Severus but then we just hung out for an hour or so when we waited for the rest of the group (Kage, Yuurei, Minskitsin, Terhi and Heini) to arrive - we had decided to go to restaurant HuviRetki and have a nice dinner.
When we were waiting for them at the railway station a drunkard came to me and Rikari and begun to speak to me.

"Hey, I'm sorry I have to say this. You're a beautiful young lady (if only my glance could kill the man would be dead by now) but I have to ask you this; why do you have that thing?" and then he pointed at my lip piercing. I stared at him for a while and just told him that I like piercings and tattoos and I'm likely to get more of them in the future.
It seems like I'm some kind of a drunkard magnet or something... This always happens to me. ":D"

Anyway, the rest of our group arrived soon enough and then we went to get some food. I was a bit worried about the eating thing since my stomach has been malfunctioning for a few months now and eating... Well, I eat because I want to stay alive but I don't still enjoy it. Somehow I still managed to eat some chicken and French fries without constant burping.
Gure and Jarkko had kindly promised that I could stay at their place and Gure came to collect me from the center of the city in the evening - before that I had already met Asuka, Hukkai and Alex and had a quick chat with them - and then we went to their place.

Doctor Who and wine is a great combination, I tell you that.

I also tested the lenses I had bought for Severus and then I realized something,..
They were circle lenses.
It's not like I couldn't wear circle lenses but it's not that easy to get them into my eyes since my eyes are so small (and that's also the reason I will never use sclera lenses). It took a few moments of swearing and drying the water that ran from my eyes before the lenses settled into my eye and I was able to see and function normally. After all those lenses are quite nice to wear.

In the Saturday morning I woke up because it was way too damn hot - seriously, I slept on a black leather couch, I had a thick blanket and sun shone directly onto the sofa. I felt like a breakfast bacon while laying on that damn thing and decided to rise up.
Gure and Jarkko were both still sleeping so I had to sneak around the apartment very silently. My mother told me that I should sing so they woke up but I decided not to do that and instead have a shower and put the costume (casual!young!Severus) on.
When I was almost ready they finally woke up and we had a long breakfast since everybody was way too tired to function properly. In the end I got a text message from Shameless that he, Elizzy, Camo and Oona had arrived to Tampere-talo and I finally managed to pack my stuff and get out of the door.
And then we had to run to get to the bus in time... We will never learn.

At Tampere-talo there were pretty many men in suits and women in dresses. They were much older than people in the cons usually and we were like "what the fuck is going on here" before we saw a sign that there was some sort of a meeting in one part of Tampere-talo.
Monccu and Rikari were the first people we met and then we just hung out with them for a while before they decided to get some food - and I decided to find Shameless. It was actually quite an easy task to do since he was waiting for me in the hall.
We (Shameless, Gure, Jarkko and I) also met Joona and hung out with him for a while. We talked about gaming and stuff like that and Gure decided to scare the shit out of me with some Snapchat video filters. My dear friend, if you ever read this: fuck you xD

At some point Shameless and I just hung out - well, we went to the Dealers' Hall and I bought very beautiful necklace from Purple Octopus. I'm way too huge Harry Potter fan and I collect stuff related to it. I might never actually use this necklace but it's way too beautiful so I had to have it ;;___;;

And then we had a photoshoot of my Severus cosplay. Pictures © Shameless, (shitty) photoshopping by me.
I've just started to photoshop some things. I don't do much but usually I try to search a better background for the pics. Now I just did it to one pic but still.

A cookie for the one who recognizes the book I'm reading.
Tried to decrease the amount of light and make the shades of black more intensive.
Well, I'm not a wizard with Photoshop but anyway.

Then I took a few pictures of other cosplayers. I didn't actually do much else since, well, I fell almost unconscious at one point (thank God I had Shameless with me) and then I heard that my brother was in the hospital and... Yeah. Even though it was snowing heavily I had to get out of the house because I felt like I would have started hyperventilating,
In the end of the day I bid my gang farewell and walked to the bus station with Rikari. I managed to catch my bus in time and started my travel to home.

There's not much more to say, here are the pics of the other cosplayers.
And I tell you, even though the photoshopping is quite simple it takes time quite a bit. My respect towards those who can actually use the said program increases every time I try to manipulate the pictures.
Oh, and I didn't manipulate every pic since, well, I didn't have time and I was unsure about the backgrounds for them so I decided not to do anything to them. Oh, and the background pictures are taken on Google.

Monccu as lolita and Rikari as Zone-tan. Gotta love your rapeface, Rikari... :D 
My friend Juuli and her girlfriend Anniina cosplayed Princess Cadence and Shining Armor.
SANS <3 
I bumped into this Armin cosplayer and I love that costume! <3

And, my Cosvision cosplay plans...

On Saturday I will cosplay 2p!France. I don't have time to make his real costume... :I And on Sunday I will cosplay Ayame Sohma once again. :DD See you there!


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  1. I'm looking forward to hang with you on Cosvision and hey, if you need any help with lenses I'll gladly offer any advice that I have! :'D

    Oh and yeah, I have to admit that I totally feel you on the "drunkard magnet" thing; it happens to me all the time too and it's horribly uncomfortable.

    1. I'm looking forward to hang out with you on Cosvision too! Thanks, I'll keep that in mind! :'D

      It's way too uncomfortable to be the "drunkard magnet"... Hopefully those guys won't try to come and talk to us during the Cosvision weekend =__="