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Circle lens review: GEO Mimi Cafe Macchiato Brown

Like I said in my Kummacon post I have quite a few circle lens reviews waiting to be posted. The pictures for all of them were taken a few months ago (summer 2021) but because of lack of time etc. I couldn't make these posts earlier.

However, now we're going to roll in a few (non-sponsored) reviews, first of them being Geo Mimi Cafe Macchiato Brown

Note: unlike the other lenses I'm about to review these ones didn't have prescription and they weren't expired, thus I'm able to rate the comfort too. Never wear lenses that are expired, have wrong prescription or feel uncomfortable in your eye(s), they might cause serious damage to your eyes. I have experienced that years ago and suffered from 'fog' hindering my vision for quite a while but by some miracle my eyesight wasn't damaged for good. Don't learn your lesson the hard way. Don't wear expired/uncomfortable lenses. Thank you.

I had bought these lenses a few years ago for a steampunk photoshoot which, obviously, didn't happen. When I visited Shiro Samurai a few months ago he asked if I had any circle lenses I'd like to have review photos taken of and... Well... Let's just say that I had, these beauties being one pair. 


All photos are taken by Shiro Samurai.


The vials of the lenses.

Lenses in their vials, another one showing the wrong side of the lenses.

Lenses in their vials.


 Base curve: 8,8 mm
Diameter: 14.8 mm
Water content: 38 %
Life span: 1 year

Inserting these was fairly easy (if you don't take into consideration the fact that I hadn't worn circle lenses in over a year before taking these photos so yeah, inserting these was a bit of a circus); they tried to curl around my finger a bit but to be honest I've reviewed lenses that do it so much that inserting them is almost impossible - for example these ones I reviewed a couple of years ago - that I didn't really let this bother me. I didn't feel the left lens almost at all after the insertion, the right one every now and then but it didn't feel too irritating, at least not at first.


One lens in.

The enlargement effect is quite noticeable. However, I noticed almost immediately that because of their design they're not very suitable for cosplay lenses (except if a character has specifically eyes like this). I would wear these for fantasy-themed photoshoots/alternative fashions, for example steampunk goth for which I originally intended to wear these to.

The comfort was quite good for 3-4 hours; I didn't feel the left lens at all and the right lens every now and then like I mentioned earlier. However, after approximately 4 hours it felt like these suddenly dried in my eyes or something - the feeling was awful and I immediately took off the lenses. It felt like I'd have had my eyes full of dirt and my vision became foggy quite fast. This isn't the first time I've had problems with lenses from this series though; years ago when I reviewed these beauties I faced pretty much the same problem. I suppose it might be because of the base curve of these lenses; with 8,6 mm base curve I usually don't have any problems at all, 8,7 mm is okay-ish but 8,8 mm has always caused some troubles. If your eyes were fine with the latter base curve I'd say that these lenses could be quite comfortable and wearable even for several hours! 

I love the design of these lenses; it's like a magical whirlwind that for some reason reminds me of fairies - don't ask why but they're the first thing that come to my mind when I look at these lenses. The many shades of brown bring depth to the color scheme of these lenses making them look pretty mystical. There are also small black dots which break the whirlwind-like pattern in a way that only boosts the beauty of the lens design. Had these been more comfortable I would've ordered a new pair immediately - these are probably one of the most beautiful lenses I've ever worn. Not very natural though; I got quite a few stares when we visited a grocery store.

Because I'm apparently at loss of words when I try to describe how they look like, let's speed up the pace and move to the lens photos! 

The pictures were taken on a rather cloudy day in June 2021. These aren't filtered in any way, only their size has been changed since the original photos were quite big.
(Note: we took pictures of quite many lenses on the same day so the light conditions are going to be the same in the next few reviews too.)


Natural roomlight.

Bathroom light.

Flash photo.

Facing window.

Outdoors, standing in the shadow.

Facing the (clouded) sun.

From the distance.

  • The color is 9/10. There are many beautiful shades of brown; however I feel like these lenses would be better for dark-eyed people - the color clashes quite a lot with my grey/blue/green eye color which you can see shining through the pupil hole.
  • I would rate the design 10/10. Fell in love with it.
  • I'd say that the opacity is 7/10. Fairly good yet you can clearly see my own eye color peeking from behind the lenses - might be because of the design and the light brown color used in the lens.
  • The comfort was 6,5/10. Okay for the while it was okay, outright awful when these started acting up. I still think that it's because of the base curve.
  • The naturalness is 4/10. The pattern is far from natural and these are way too big to pass as my natural eyes. However, the brown color gives them some naturalness points.

  • The enlargement is 8,5/10. I've worn lenses that are even more enlarging but well, these aren't from the least enlarging end either.


So, this is the first one of quite many circle lens reviews I'm about to write in the near future. This was also the only one in which I was able to grade the comfort; the other pairs were expired and had a wrong prescription so don't look forward to seeing a comfort grade in the upcoming reviews. :'D 

Until next time.

- Firith

perjantai 31. joulukuuta 2021

Luka Megurine photoshoot

 Oh wow, two blog updates during this year. Such amazing, much wow.

...khm, yeah.

 During Kummacon I wanted to have a photoshoot of my Magnet!Luka Megurine cosplay. We (me, Shiro Samurai and his aunt) drove around Oulu for a couple of hours and found a few good locations - without further talk, the photoshoot pictures! 

Character: Luka Megurine 
"Series": Vocaloid
Version: Magnet
Cosplayer: yours truly
Photographers: Shiro Samurai

I'm still surprised that I didn't feel cold pretty much at all.

Shiro Samurai's aunt also took a pic that I seriously like a lot! <3 

Photographer: Lenkku.

...and of course when people photoshoot me... One can't avoid derps.

It looks like my eyes were closed but at least this shows how strong my eyeshadow game was lol.

My tattoos decided to troll me.

"Multa. Loppuu. Elämästä. Moti." (It looks like I just lost all motivation to live lol. Quote: Iha Just Imus.)

Lenkku also took this "behind the scenes" picture. Gotta love how I'm censored by that birch xD

That's all folks!
Happy New Year 2022! 


maanantai 27. joulukuuta 2021

Kummacon 2021 - the first con in forever

And a first blog post in forever, apparently - I haven't had much to post during these couple of years and I'm likely to vanish into the abyss once again after this blog post, the photoshoot picture post and a few circle lens reviews.

But yeah, a while ago me, Shiro Samurai and Sallukka noticed that Kummacon (27.-28.11.2021) was on its way and, of course, decided to attend it! It took a bit of traveling for me (I still live in the south) but what wouldn't one do to spend time with their friends and attend a con after a loooong hiatus (thank you covid-19 for this)? I spent a little bit of time in the north before the con since traveling there just for a couple of days... To be honest, financially not worth it student life ftw. At first I was like "nah I'm not going to cosplay anything" but ended up attacking my friend's wardrobe and borrowing a black dress from her for Magnet!Luka Megurine. I had neither time or money to actually make the costume myself but I plan on re-making it in the future! 

Our journey towards Oulu begun the day before the con. Shiro Samurai and I had been spending time at Sallukka and her boyfriend's place for a couple of days (mainly because I needed a stabile internet connection for my school work, didn't want to fight with Teams too much) so we all left from the same location for Oulu. Sallukka had booked an Airbnb for them and Shiro Samurai had managed to get a permission from his aunt that the two of us could sleep over at her place. Still thankful for that! <3 
After a random road rage (which I understand more than well, I hate driving in cities and it's no wonder that Sallukka almost lost her mind when driving in the center of Oulu - learn to drive, people!) we arrived at said aunt's place and spent the rest of the evening gaming and chatting. We also looked for a few photoshoot locations and decided to visit at least one of them, namely Ainolan puisto (Ainola Park). 

On Saturday morning I woke up around nine o' clock and immediately ran into shower because I knew that doing my make-up would take at least on hour (disclaimer: it took 2,5 hours). And, because I'm known for my oh-so-good-memory I realized that I had forgotten to take my eyeliner and contour brush with me and I had also forgotten my foundation in the south, had a speed run in Tornio's Prisma before we left for Oulu and thank some greater powers I found a perfect one... Great. Just... Great. Well, I did some compromises and decided to make my eye shadow game strong - I literally had no options at that point. At least I didn't glue my false eyelashes to my eyeballs, I've done it once before and it hurts like hell. Can't recommend that experience.
After a couple of cups of coffee I didn't feel like an ameba anymore and we were ready to leave for photoshooting my cosplay! Shiro Samurai didn't cosplay anything but had promised me to take some pictures of my costume - thank you so much! <3 

We ended up checking out a few more locations and I couldn't be happier with how these pics turned out! To be honest I haven't posed for a camera in years because well, I've gained quite a lot of weight (thank you fucked up metabolism) and thus thought that if someone tries to photograph me the camera would break or something lol. Didn't happen. 
Shiro Samurai's aunt (who kindly drove us around the city, thank you so much!! <3) also took some pictures - mostly "behind the scenes" material but she also took one pic that I like A LOT. It's so nice to work with talented photographers!

...I'd also like to say that I don't normally dress like this in the winter. It was -12 Celsius degrees outside if I remember correctly but surprisingly I didn't freeze that badly. Remember: if you're going to take pictures of a "summer costume" in winter, take a hoodie and a jacket with you and overall protect your skin from freezing. You'll thank yourself even though it'd feel like a nuisance instead of a safety measure at the time.

I'll post the photoshoot pictures in a separate blog post!

After the photoshoot we drove back to Shiro Samurai's aunt's place and I changed out of cosplay since I really just wanted pics of it, not to wear it to a con - especially when it was missing some pieces, namely the white belt... Thing, whatever it's really called. I'll make it when I remake the costume anyway.
We had been keeping contact with Sallukka for the whole day and when we had eaten our dinner I texted her that we were ready to go to the con. Turned out that she and her boyfriend had come into the center already (mainly to check out some game stores) and had left the car at the bus station. After a quick conversation Shiro Samurai and I decided to walk to the store they were at - it wasn't too long of a walk anyway and the weather wasn't unbearable. We found them in no time and quite soon begun our journey towards Hiukkavaaratalo - the convention place. Sallukka and her boyfriend had already visited the con but wanted to go to the artist's alley again meanwhile me and Shiro Samurai hadn't even visited the con yet. 

It's quite strange how things change - ten years ago it would have been a world-ending catastrophe if I wasn't at the convention place the minute the doors were opened but now... I guess I just want to concentrate more on photoshoots etc. Also, there's still a certain virus out there so we didn't want to hang in the masses of people for too long... 

Because pictures are worth a thousand words, here's a spam (the photographer is Shiro Samurai since I didn't bother to take my camera to the north with me) :D

Sallukka and I were also supposed to sing some karaoke but in the end we didn't.

There were signs like this ("wear a mask") reminding the con goers about the safety measures.

Sallukka and her boyfriend enjoying a cup of coffee (yeah, Shiro Samurai decided to be a paparazzi lol).

Sneks <3

Those doughnuts were so good!

Last but not least, Sallukka and I. Thank you Shiro Samurai for this wonderful shot, it truly brings out our best sides xD Selkeesti Sörsselssön ja Hartikainen, päättäkää itte kumpi on kumpi.


We checked out Artist's Alley and did a quick tour in the merchandise hall but like I said we didn't want to hang out there for too long. 

 On Sunday we went back to the con to pick up some commissioned stuff from Artist's Alley (and me and Sacchan wanted that elixir of life, also known as coffee). To be honest we didn't do much else at the con - at least I don't recall anything else tbh. After an hour or so we gathered together and left for Kemi.
Kummacon, in my opinion, was a small yet comfy con and I'm likely to attend it in the future too (and write a more detailed summary when it's possible to explore conventions better without fearing a certain virus)! 

- Firith

keskiviikko 12. helmikuuta 2020

Old but new: casual!Prussia mini-photoshoot!

If this post seems like a Naruto filler episode... You're right, this is definitely a filler. Sorry.

Well, like the title says, this post will include something old but at the same time something new. I haven't posted these pictures anywhere else - yet they were taken during the winter 2017. Woah, it literally feels like they were taken just a few months ago...

I was actually going to take pictures for a circle lens review (EOS New Adult Red) at Gure's place and for that I was going through my wigs and my wardrobe. Then I suddenly got an idea: why wouldn't I have a small photoshoot too? I had pretty much the right clothes and Gure had time to be my photographer so a photoshoot we did!

After these pictures were taken I promised myself to never publish these since I thought I looked fat in them. Well, I might not be slim in these but c'mon, past me: clothes too small (in this case, my T-shirt) never do anyone justice.
I should probably call this a mini-photoshoot since it was quite cold outside and inside we had this horrible yellow light so we didn't take that many photos... But here are at least a couple of pictures of the said "cosplay"!

Yeah, seriously - it's a mini photoshoot. :'D

And why am I publishing these pictures?
Because, when I finally weight less than... Well, now, I'm going to make a casual outfit for Prussia. Better this time, mind you - I had to go with what I had in my wardrobe back then. I doubt that I'll make his uniform version, at least not anytime soon; I'm still not interested in sewing uniforms again. Maybe someday but that's not happening anytime soon.

I'm going to make at least one new cosplay this year. My partner in crime, also known as Gure has showed some interest to make some projects with me and I'm beyond excited about those costumes we're gonna make. Not gonna reveal them yet though, except for Chloe and Rachel which you probably knew already.

Until next time.


torstai 25. heinäkuuta 2019

Circle lens review: EOS Icy Blue

Hello everyone!

Like I said in my last post I have a shitload of lenses to review - and this lovely pair is one of those lens pairs! Let me introduce you EOS Icy Blue.

Important note: I got these lenses from a friend who lost interest in wearing and reviewing circle lenses. These lenses had a wrong prescription for me and I think that these were close to their expiration date so thus I can not grade the comfort. However, I will say a few words about the comfort in general - pretty much my first impression of these. Remember: wearing lenses that are past their expiration date/broken/have the wrong prescription for you is a dangerous thing to do and it can damage your eyes for good so seriously, don't do it. I wore these lenses for half an hour and then threw them away so I had these on only for this review. Thank you. 

This circle lens review is non-sponsored.  

The lens vials.
The lenses in their vials.

Base curve: 8.8 mm/8.9 mm
Diameter: 14.8 mm
Water content: 38 %
Life span: 1 year

Inserting these was quite easy. Yes, they tried to curl around my finger every now and then but not too much, and in the end it only took me a couple of minutes per lens to get them into my eyes. So, I would say that quite easy yet far from the easiest lenses to insert (for example my sharingan lenses were a lot easier to insert). 
After opening the vials I let these soak in a new solution over the night since the original solution (in the vials) irritates my eyes a lot. I have no idea if it does the same to you but I definitely don't recommend testing it. 

And now, excuse me for a blurry picture. There are a couple of really blurry pictures in this post; I took those with my selfie camera without a proper eyesight so please forgive me. Those pictures still give the idea how these look like in certain lights etc.

One lens in.
This is one of the blurry ones but I think that one can still see the enlargement - which, by the way, surprised me positively. In the end the diameter doesn't promise too much but these were a lot more enlarging than I thought! Probably not the most enlarging lenses I've had but definitely not the least enlarging ones. 

Like I said, I can't actually grade the comfort but a couple of words about it. Even though these were expired and had the wrong prescription for me these still felt surprisingly comfy. At first I was really able to feel these in my eyes but then the feeling practically flew of the window. And that's all I can say about these lenses, I seriously didn't want to wear these for too long. However, I will buy these lenses for myself next year and probably then I can do a little update about the comfort! 

I seriously love the design of these lenses. The blue part seriously reminds me about frost and icicles so I think that these are what the name promises them to be: icy blue. There are also darker and lighter shades of blue which makes these lenses pretty lively and vivid. Usually I prefer a thick dark limbal ring but for these lenses that would've been a design failure - and luckily the (black) limbal ring was pretty thin.
There are also some black spike-looking lines attached to the the limbal ring which kind of highlight all those shades of blue. Those black "spikes" reach towards the middle but they don't go too near to it. For some reason these lenses made me think about mermaids...

Then some pictures!
The blurry picture among all the better ones © yours truly, all those better ones © Gure (thank you so much gurl! <3).
These pictures were taken on a sunny day in July.

Bathroom light.

Indoors, with a flash.
Indoors, under the fluorescent lamp. Yellow light.

Indoors, white-ish light.

Natural light, glacing through the window so sorry for the blur ;__;

Outdoors, facing the burning bright sun. I'm sorry about the position of my eyes but no can do, my photographer was 10+ cm taller than me and had she taken this photo like it should've been taken, she would've blocked the sun xD

Outdoors, back against the sun.
From the distance.

  • The colour is 10/10. It's vivid and lively, and the most important thing is that it is actually icy blue as the name promises it to be.
  • The design is 10/10, too. I just fell in love with these ones and I'm definitely buying these for myself - probably for my Luka Megurine costume.
  • The opacity... I'm not too sure but I'd say 8,5/10. These don't let my own eye colour (blue/green/gray) get through them too much but I'd say that these still do that a little bit, escpecially in certain lights such as yellow light.
  • I can't grade the comfort for reasons explained in the beginning of this post.
  • The naturalness is 7/10. One can clearly see that I'm wearing circle lenses but the colour and the design make them look at least somewhat natural.
  • The enlargement is 7/10 too. These aren't the most enlarging lenses but definitely not the least enlarging ones either.
So, here it is, yet another circle lens review! These are going to be this blog's main content for a while since, well, I still have a lot of circle lenses waiting for their turn to be reviewed. :'D
Got any questions? Ask in the comment box, contact me on the social media or send me an email!