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Kitacon 2016 - my first con in Northern Finland!

Almost every year after I got into cosplaying I've had some urge to attend some con in the north but I never got that chance before Kitacon 2016. I happened to be in Northern Sweden, when the con was approaching and my friends asked me if I wanted to tag along. And of course I wanted to go there!

So, 29th of October I, Shiro SamuraiSacchanHasakitsuki and Frozen Angel begun our trip to Kemi. The trip in the car wasn't that long but let's just say that I had a morning hangover I can't describe it in any other way and because of it I almost fainted and vomited a couple of times. Luckily just almost. 
When we arrived to Sauvo-talo our group split up for a while; some of us were hunting Pokémons while others went inside and begun to take a look around. In the first floor there was just some merchandise but I only recognized a couple of sellers from the cons I've attended earlier.

(Other but photoshoot pictures © Shiro Samurai.)

That Kitacon mascot is so cute ;__; <3
Some second-hand manga books (at least I think they were second-hand?).

Ramune! <3 For some reason I didn't buy it, still regretting it.

At some point Shiro Samurai, Sacchan and I went upstairs to check if there was something else to see (Artist's Alley btw)... And then my anxiety attack #1 happened. I couldn't breathe properly and almost immediately had to sit down. It just came out of nowhere and I sat there like "the f*ck just happened?". In the end I decided to go for a small walk with Frozen Angel and Hasakitsuki since fresh air usually helps in those kind of situations. 
When we came back Sacchan and Shiro Samurai told us that they were going to pick up Sacchan's brother Joni who also wanted to attend the con. Meanwhile the rest of us went to the café to get something to eat.

I don't have a picture of what we ate but have this instead - one of these program "flyers" was in the café too,

At some point I called Shiro Samurai where they were and he said that he was putting on his Hatori Sohma cosplay. My smirk must have been level Cheshire Cat at that point; you see, we were supposed to do Ayame & Hatori pair cosplay at Cosvision but back then some shit happened and Shiro Samurai couldn't cosplay Hatori. But now it was time for it. 

We were casually chilling upstairs when suddenly we saw that the others had come back. Quite soon Shiro Samurai and I decided to have a photoshoot. A really quick photoshoot I must say; it was quite cold outside. 

Series: Fruits Basket
Cosplayers: Shiro Samurai and yours truly
Photographer: Frozen Angel 
Photo edit: Shiro Samurai

Wig wtf are you doing wig stop

(By the way, I want to point out that even though Shiro Samurai has a cigarette as a prop - since Hatori is a smoker - he doesn't smoke. It's me who does and I borrowed that one for him but didn't lit it.)

After the photoshoot we went inside since it was very cold. Believe me, Ayame's costume might look quite warm but it isn't x__x
For a while I watched Shiro Samurai and Sacchan drawing but then happened the anxiety attack #2 and I had to find a place where there wouldn't be that much people. Hasakitsuki stayed with me and I'm very happy that she did so. Quite soon we also found Frozen Angel and went to find the rest of our company.
At that point we decided to get something to eat. Some of us wanted to go to Subway but some of us - including me - decided to go to Hesburger. The wind was freezing but luckily it didn't take that much time to walk there.

After eating we walked back to Sauvo-talo. For the rest of the con we were just hanging out, checking out Artist's Alley and spending time in the gaming room.

At some point Sacchan decided to drive Joni back home...
...and when she came back the first thing we heard was "There's no gasoline at all!".
It took a couple of hours to get some more gasoline (because of reasons) and during those hours I got the anxiety attack #3. Well done, Firith, very well done.
In the end we got some gasoline and were able to drive back home. I felt extremely tired and fell asleep quite soon.

I know that this con summary seems a bit rushed but there's not really much to tell about - and that doesn't mean that I wouldn't have enjoyed the con or something like that. Despite my anxiety attacks I had fun and the con itself was one of those small and comfy conventions. If I happen to be in the north at the same time with Kitacon again I will definitely attend it. Small cons really need people to attend them - it's not like there were too many cons in the north anyway.
I will write my Skecon summary quite soon so stay tuned! I've also been drawing some patterns lately, let's see if I'll get something done soon...


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  1. I'm so sorry about those anxiety attacks you got but I hope they didn't screw up your con experience too much. D: I do wish I had hung out with you even more during the actual con, now afterwards, but it was nice anyway! Glad to hear you liked Kitacon and yeah, I know it's not much when compared to what the south has to offer but I still really appreciate it that you decided to come here.

    I'm also hoping we can do more pair cosplays in the future ~ 

    1. They didn't screw up my experience too much - of course they felt shitty at the time but I've been living with my panic/anxiety disorder for many years now and I'm getting used to them. It was nice to hang out with you too! c: And I truly liked Kitacon - I like attending smaller cons every now and then.

      Of course we can~! c: