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Walter McRavenhill - the photoshoot number two.

The ones who have been here with me from the very beginning might remember this post. It's only in Finnish but long story short: I had just begun cosplaying and I tested my OC cosplay Walter McRavenhill for Desucon Frostbite 2013. Back in the days I thought "okay, this is quite good costume!" but now when I read again my old blog posts I came across with that one and I cringed. My immediate thought was "I can do much better".

Let's talk about Walter's background tale first.
Like I've explained in Finnish earlier, Walter is a half-kelpie, half-human. His mother was Swedish and his father Scottish but he claims that he's a Brit, it's just easier that way. He also has a twin sister called Ginevra, who also has a darker side called Lillian McRavenhill.
Their mother, Ulrike, fell in love with a Scottish man when she was young. For a while they were happy together but then Ulrike got pregnant and the man just vanished from her life. When the years passed by and the children grew, the pain of losing a loved one drove her finally insane. One day, when the children were five years old, she took them with her "for a walk". They walked to the river and when the children were looking into the depths of it Ulrike decided to drown them. She just couldn't take it anymore; the children reminded her about the man and on top of everything the children were just too beautiful, gaining attention everywhere they went.

But they didn't die - there was a kelpie tribe nearby and they saved the children, making them only half-humans.
Walter decided to walk his own path in his life and not to stay with the tribe; after all, kelpies are killers. Ginevra stayed with them and that's one of the reasons why the siblings can't stand each other anymore.
Walter was born in 1864 but thanks to the kelpie genes he's almost immortal and looks young - most people think that he's 19 or something like that. He's been through a lot in his life (there would be even more to tell but perhaps I'll tell it all someday) but now everything seems to be alright... Seems.

(And I have to admit that Walter might be one of the gayest ones when I look at my character list, whoops.)

Anyway, I decided to have another photoshoot of Walter. Since I haven't done anything for my Sylvar cosplay (and not much for my Italy cosplay by far) there hasn't been anything to blog about - and on top of that my sewing machine decided to show me its middle finger again. Luckily it's not broken but I'm still annoyed because now I'm not on my schedule.

But yeah, those pictures. © Gure

Olli Herman much? :DD
And of course there's one selfie among the other pics!

Sometimes it's pretty funny to photoshoot own character cosplays - I could actually do this more often!
But pretty soon I'll begin to write WIP posts about Italy so stay tuned!


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